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      Ok so I have had tinnitus for 10 days now it's really getting me down and I'm worried about the future. Anyways the cause of my tinnitus is unclear but let me explain. So I first noticed it when I got home from a football game no big deal I thought then it persisted but there is hope it started at a low roar now a soft hiss which I heard is a good sign. Also I thought I would mention when I move my jaw it gets higher and louder. don't know if this is anything but I have impacted wisdom teeth which could be the culprit but I feel like it's too much of a coincidence my dentist thinks it's something else to. But I'm wondering can it go away? If so how long if you had to predict. Also if the tinnitus dident come until I was home a long time after the game wil it take long to go away? I am very anxious about it and have been to the doctor I have no ear problems
      I haven't been to the ent yet but I'm going soon.
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      not sure
      Welcome to TT. If your T can be affected by jaw movement, perhaps you need to check out if the T is from TMJ issue. Get the referral to see a TMJ specialist if your ENT doesn't specialize in TMJ and tinnitus connection. Also, try to keep calm and mask your T. Anxiety and stress are bad for T. It is natural to be anxious. Give it some time and stay positive. Hopefully the doctors can help you.Take care & God bless.
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      Thank you very much for the support I do have some jaw pain so it could be that I will talk to my ent about it

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