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      So I got dragged outside with friends ( I was inside playing video games ) and whilst driving about in the car they turned the music up and suddenly my ears were in pain. I never said anything at first because I thought surely they must be having the same problem. However they did not so after 3-4 mins I asked them to turn it down and ever since I have had tinnitus.

      The thing I hate most is not the tinnitus but the way in which I got it. I knew It was hurting my ears but for the sake of not wanting to look like a P*ssy and asking for them to turn it down I restrained from doing so.

      I went to the ENT recently for a proper hearing test and can hear up to 20Khz so what does this mean? I am 22 Y.O and have had T for around 18 months, is there a chance it can still go?
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      No one knows for sure if one's T will stay or fade. All we can do is to do things which can help T to get less intrusive, such as stop worrying and reduce the anxiety level for T by staying positive and calm. If T bugs you very much, then use masking to help shield from the ringing. Then make sure you have plenty of sleep, as bad sleep usually mean bad T for T sufferers. You may also consider using supplements such as Magnesium, Zinc, NAC, B12 etc. Try cut back on salt, sugar, MSG, Caffeine & alcohol. If you haven't yet, try to do some relaxing exercise, to go outdoor or pursue hobbies. These will get your mind off T. The more distraction from T, the likely T becomes less an issue. Try CBT & Mindfulness techniques to help cope with T. Lastly, I encourage you to read up on the success stories so you know you can get well like others. I include mind and a few more stories. Take care & God bless.

      The most read success story ‘Back to Silence’ with a simple effective strategy by IWLM:

      Jade’s success story with T louder than the 800-t0nne trucks she drives:

      Dr. Hubbard’s success story: (see how a doctor heals himself of T)

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