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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Luis, Jun 14, 2015.

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      Hello, my name is Luis. Im 19 years old about to turn 20 in about 2 months. I have tinnitus. I remember having tinnitus since i was 14 15 years old. It was scary. I couldnt hold on to tears. I cried with my mom and dad. But no help could be given. I soon realized it was something i had to to endure and live with. But i was so young that my mind was so weak and i was at a voulnerable age. I had panic attacks. I didnt want to live. I tried to find help online but it only made me even more scared because all i read was, live with it! Or itl never go away get over it! Its not even that bad, atleast your not paralized, or deaf or blind! I found no hope online. So i lived my highschool years with it behind my head. Took me months, years! To accept and live with it. I was able to live with it to the point were i knew it was there but i didnt notice it. I was able to go months without noticing it. Maybe everynow and then i noticed it but was able to forget about it easily. I was happy and able to speak about it with ease. Until now. 2015. The noice is basically the same. No new noice, not louder. The same. But i guess a bunch of other problems i was going through cause my tinnitus to affect my life again. I began having anxiety attacks again. Felt a constant pain in my chest. Im feeling it now as i wright this. I feel as if im never going to get over it. Like maybe i will. But some day in the future its going to come back to me.( the anxiety attacks). So whats the point in forgeting about it if itl bug me again? But my mother told me that everyday is different, no day is the same as another... Well i found that the only reason it bugs me is because i let it. I thought to much on it. But then i think of how i was able to endure it and i thought. Hell, i can do it again. Cause now i know its possible. Its just that at those moments i feel trapped in my head. And i feel like theres no escape or hope. But hey! Anythings possible. Science and medicine is advancing fast! And a cure is inevitable. Or atleast a successful treatment. Nothing is impossible. Always have hope. No matter how hopeless things seem! I joined these dorums in an attempt to help people. Im not really looking for help. But if a day should come that i do need help. I know these forums are of much help =)
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      Hey @Luis and welcome to TT !!

      I am sorry you have had T since such a young age, but on the other hand it is great to see such a young spirit with such strong and positive attitude towards such a crazy condition we all share..

      I am sure you can be of great help and support to the younger sufferers, and like you said, if you will ever need a bit of support, you know this is the right place to find it :)

      Wish you well and keep up the good work !!

      take care !
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    3. Sailboardman

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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      Hi Luis,

      You're fortunately young enough, to see a cure and live a long and quiet life. The future looks bright, so hang in there!

      God bless,

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      not sure
      Thank you @Luis for the wonderful post. Your story will be inspiring to the younger T sufferers. Perhaps consider to make another version of it for the Success Stories Forum. Then it will be there for all to read and will benefit many more people than this introductory thread.

      Your story touch on one interesting point - our frame of mind can dictate how T affect us and our life. I notice that too during the last flare up of panic attacks last November (due to my panic disorder since young). Due to the nerves in a stressful state, for a few days I really felt T a lot more troublesome than those days when my nerves didn't act up. So the incident reminds me that importance of keeping ourselves as mentally sound and healthy as possible. The use of exercise, outdoor life and the pursue of hobbies or meditation will help us calm the nerves. Having good sleep will also give us better control on our nerves. These may not have direct impact on T, but the cumulative effect of reducing stress level will help us deal with T better.
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