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      Hellο ..i never thought that i would write on a forum like that but you never know what your life is preparing.

      Im 33 and i think im on depression and anxiety mood the last 7 years. So during a strong stress period about my job last month, i noticed that sth strange is happening with the sound (not my ears). Ιn the beginning the sound of the city was too loud, cars trains pubs then a simple conversation was shrill for my ears. Until understand what was happening ..the tinnitus appeared ...and then you know the story

      Now i have a middle to strong hyperacoustic and a middle to sometimes loud tinnitus and my depression and anxiety is on high. I have seen a simple doctor who said that my ears and hear is normal ..and by the time i will learn to live like that. Also my mother have a tinnitus the last 6 years, without bother her!

      The most bad is the H ..tinnitus maybe i can use to it and the half day it doesnt bother me. But the H is a disaster, it makes me feel dizzy and tired all the time.

      .. im thinking if i was not stressed for stupid reasons now i would be healthy.

      Now im looking for a special tinnitus doctor and also a psychiatrist to help me with the depression.

      I would like to believe that if i will cure depressing the T and H may go away.

      thats all ..and sorry for my english.

      Im happy i found this forums.
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      Hi, Spiiros, and welcome to this wonderful forum! You've come to the right place for support and information about tinnitus and hyperacusis. I haven't experience hyperacusis myself, but there are many people here who have, and I'm sure they will have a lot of good advice for you.

      I'm so sorry your doctor just told you to live with it. There are so many things you can do to make your life with tinnitus more bearable; it's too bad many doctors don't take the time to make supportive suggestions to their patients. I hope you find a great tinnitus doctor and/or psychiatrist who can help you with depression. You are right that if you treat the depression, your tinnitus will seem much more bearable. I'm not saying it will go away, but you'll be able to cope with it much better.

      Most of us with tinnitus will tell you that, in time, your body and mind will adjust, and you'll be able to cope much better. The key to it is to try to ignore it (by masking the sound, taking an antidepressant, staying busy, or whatever you can do). That will help you habituate to it much quicker. As for hyperacusis, I've heard many people on this forum say that in time the H either improves or goes away.

      At any rate, we are very glad you've joined us! Keep us posted on how you're doing. We care!!!

      Best wishes,
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