Nearly Passed Out After Ear Popping — Flipping Out

Discussion in 'Support' started by Coyotesheaven, Nov 29, 2016.

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      I don't know where this problem is really coming from, but I have some ideas. I have had eustachian tube dysfunction for the past 5 months or so (or maybe longer), arising from an mysterious problem (not sinus congestion, allergies, or fluid, nothing you would expect); I am guessing it may have been due to wearing earplugs and earmuffs long-term that created suction and pressure in my ear canals, as well as extreme muscle tension throughout my head.

      For the past 2-3 weeks I have had a constant problem where my ear pops with a freakish 'plonk' or *boom* sound after swallowing; it is very loud and actually painful to feel. I believe it is my eardrum tube suddenly moving and being stretched in response to a rapid pressure change in my middle ear. That is because my middle ear seems to often be in a state of extreme negative pressure. Whatever it is, I have a terrible reaction to it; hearing loss, voice distortion, T spike, dizziness (but rarely vertigo), visual distortions, and more recently almost passing out. Tonight my ear 'exploded' big time, causing my visual field to go a little dark and me almost keeling over. Obviously, I am freaking out.

      In order to try to prevent this from happening, I have had to resort to intentionally popping my ears, by opening my jaw quickly, to relieve the negative pressure which seems to develop in my eustachian tube. I do not use the valsava, tonboye, or any other type of risky maneuver to do this. Sometimes it stops the reaction from swallowing, and other times it makes it worse. I am almost wondering if it helped to cause the problem in the first place.

      So, um, any thoughts about what is going on? Am I harming my inner (not middle) ears by doing the ear popping (via round window transfer of pressure)? How do I fix this problem (i.e, do I need a pressure equalization tube in my eardrum?).

      Thanks for the help. I really need any thoughts and help right now!
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      I unfortunately have no ideas to offer.

      Responding to let you know other people are out here and thinking about the anxiety you must be going through.

      Stay strong!!
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      I would see your doctor and see if he can give you something like sudafed to help clear any mucous from your ears.
      Also see ENT and get checked out for inner ear conditions.
      Try stay calm and if anxiety get hard to deal with ask your doctor for help and do some deep breathing exercises . ..lots of love glynis
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