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Discussion in 'Support' started by Josh, Sep 30, 2015.

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      Hello I'm new to the site and needing help. I was at work about 10 years ago when my ears suddenly started ringing and along with the ringing I noticed I just didn't feel right I left work not knowing that it would be my last day there. As soon as I got home I started having bad panic attacks and just didn't feel like myself . The next day I went out for a ride to try and get things off my mind but it actually got worse I went to stop at a stop sign and as I was sitting there it felt like my car was still rolling so I applied more pressure to the brake pedal and I still felt like I was rolling and that's the way it's been for the last 10 years I've had several dizzy spells especially when turning my head to look behind me like when I'm pulling out of a parking space and several feelings like I'm still moving when I'm not. But it even got worse 3 years ago I was in the kitchen fixing dinner when I started feeling really strange I developed this weird feeling in the front of my skull I don't know how to explain it it's just really weird and strange sometimes it's not so bad but other times it comes on very strong and just makes my whole body and mind feel very sick. Doctors can't seem to figure it out. But like I said it's been 10 years of pure hell. it's a struggle from the time I wake up till the time I go to sleep. My anxiety and depression is through the roof. I am completely alone in all of this nobody that I've talked to seems to understand or there just tired of hearing me complain and I'm so sick of all the doctors telling me that it's all in my head. The ringing is a constant high pitched ring that never stops.. I'm sorry this was so long and I hope you guys can understand it. Thanks for reading and any comments on what someone thinks is going on is greatly appreciated...
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      Hi Josh ,
      Sorry you have had ten years of this torture and hope now you will get some support on here.
      I would see your doctor for medication for depression and anxiety and talking therapy as these unwanted feelings can be cured over time and I know how this makes you feel and understand how it impacts on you feeling alone.

      You need to be seen by ENT and have a few tests and to see if you have any balance and inner ear problems and then they can help you.
      There are medications to help with sickness and dizziness like Betahistine and Buccastem and Proclorperazine ( spellings might not be right) to help you and checked for Menieres .

      Keep posting for support and welcome pm me any time.
      ....lots of love glynis
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      Sorry Josh. I can relate to the tinnitus, anxiety, depression and feeling alone as nobody understands so you have empathy from me. I don't know about the pressure in your head, I get migraines so I know anything in the head can be awful. Sometimes I do feel dizzy and I've had vertigo which is really bad and when driving I'll feel lost all of a sudden. I can relate through just getting through each day. None of this helps you but I do understand much of what you are feeling. I have other chronic conditions as well, which are very painful but nothing torments me more than tinnitus. Have you been checked for Meineres? Sorry you are going through this, it's not easy. I guess nobody said life was going to be easy but would it be too much to ask to just have a good day once in a blue moon?!
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      I thank you guys for commenting!! I've had a few tests done an MRI of the brain also a hearing test which they told me I had hearing loss do to nerve damage also I've been on about 10 different antidepressants which for me they do not help it seemed to me that they made my symptoms worse. Another symptom I've been having is memory loss I cannot remember anything anymore and I'm always doing crazy things like putting my medicine bucket in the fridge which I did today lol. I thought about calling my ENT today for an appointment to see if I can get more testing done. It's very nice talking to people that actually understands what I'm going through so thank you all and I pray that one day there will be a cure
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