Needing to Re-Habituate

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by calmond, Feb 28, 2017.

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      possible loud music earpods
      Hi my name is Chris
      in 2010 i started suffering with t after spending a few hours listening to music way too loud on a blackberry phone. Back then i was suffering in quiet places and at night and on a morning and over about 1 year i habituated to the point where i realised that it was so unimportant in my life i never googled it anymore and i actually never bothered to even improve it, this was because it was not impacting my life and i never heard it during the day, i would go weeks and months without it making me even think about it.

      Fast forward to Seprember 2016 and suddenly i noticed that my left ear had carried on and my right ear had actually stopped, this suddenly brought my attention towards the noise and for the next 4 weeks i agonised and started focusing my attention on the noise and started making appointments to see Drs, Dentist and hearing the noise in my left ear all day. Things started to go downhill as the hiss began to turn into a very high pitched ringing. Then i noticed that i had shoulder and neck pain on the t side and this felt no coincidence.

      Although i was suffering everyday a family holiday was looming and i had to concentrate on that. From leaving work and setting off to the airport to driving home from airport 1 week later i did not hear the t once!.
      I just dont even recall thinking about it at all!

      The very first day i went back to work, which isnt a noisy environment the noise was back just exactly like it was before i went, in fact it was the first time i had even thought about it.

      4 months later and here i am suffering and having good, not so good and wtf days constantly looking for trigger points and the recipe for good days.

      I suffer from Anxiety, always have, but even during the worse anxious times in the time between 2010 and 2016 the t never got worse.

      I guess i am looking for answers that nobody has. it does go away from your mind and you do not hear it , it did for me for 6 years, or when you do hear it, its kinda ok because you know it will be there, but it is like my brain is having to retrain all over again.
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      Sudden profound hearing loss in left ear.
      @calmond ,
      Welcome to TinnitusTalk! I'm sorry that you are suffering right now but I am hopeful that you will be successful in rehabituating. How odd that your tinnitus went away during the week you visited family! My brain seems less foused on my tinnitus when I engage in fun activities so maybe that would explain it. I hope you will start to have more good days and fewer wtf days as time goes by. Stay strong.

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