Neuromodulation vs Notched Audio

Discussion in 'Support' started by MeToo, Oct 8, 2015.

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      I'm new here and new to tinnitus.

      I'm researching treatments but getting a little discouraged...

      Anyway, I am a little confused about Neuromodulation as an approach compared with Notched audio because they seem to address tinnitus from opposite directions.

      Neuromodulation is about actively listening to your tinnitus frequency while Notched audio seems to be about removing your frequency from what you are listening to.

      Am I understanding this correctly? I don't want to do in the wrong direction here.
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      I have been using the notched "I call them tracks" as some are music and others are white noise, or Rain. My T hit me in Sept of 2015 after having "Radio Frequency" killing the sensory nerve on 4 of my vertebrae on both sides. Since that time I have tried just about everything. My T does not stay in one place, it will travel all over, above my ear(s), top of my head, back of head near the spine, front lobe of my brain. I can wake up in the morning and it will be as low as 2 out of 10, and before the day is done it will be at a 7 or 8 out of 10. I have mounted two speaker to my headboard so I can play the notched music all night. That is when tracks seem to do the most good. The audiologist "four of them" all told me they could not give me a definite frequency for my T, only a range which is 4000Hz, 5000Hz, to 6000Hz. The one audiologist indicated that the T was closest to 6000Hz so this is what I have been primarily directing my tracks to. Lately I have made four tracks, one for each frequency, plus one at 7000Hz as it seems like my T has changed frequencies. I have them on my mp3 player in order of 7,6,5,4khz and have the mp3 set to repeat play on each of them. When I got up this morning my T was at the lowest it has been. It has stayed that way for most of today. I might add that starting 4 days I also went to a hypnotist who specializes with T suffers, and also started the Emotional Freedom Technique. I don't know how much of an effect the last two have had, but I will continue with them for now. The hypnotist gave me a relaxing routine which I am trying to implement, not sure how well this is working, only been at it for a few of days.
      I tried the neuromodulation, but you are right this seems to go just the opposite direction, so I have not done much with it. I used Audacity to make the modulation and notched tracks but didn't really like them. Unable to find much on YouTube for 6000Hz Tinnitus in either music or modulation so I just got music and made my own. There another notch app that is called "Band Stop Filter" which takes out a much wider notch than the "Notch Filter" Not sure if any of this answers you questions, or helps, but I hope it does.
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      Working on a song using headphones. So I know the exact caus
      I would also like more detail around the 2 methods. From the scientific papers I have read it seems ACRN has better results and is the main one the clinics are pushing. I would also like confirmation that bone conductor is better than regular earphones/buds. It would seem to me that if you use bone conducting and Notched, which removes the band of frequency, that you will still be hearing the frequency removed through your ears from normal daily sounds. So if using Notched then regular headphones would be better. Maybe @Steve H or @jazz could confirm this?

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