New Google Onboard Chip Promises Live Captioning for Videos/Calls etc.

Discussion in 'Support' started by GBB, Aug 2, 2021.

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      Everyone with hyperacusis can have live captions on calls now if needed so no need for volume. This is all on an onboard chip so no need for service/cloud connectivity for it to work.

      "The Live Caption feature works even if your phone's audio is muted, and since it doesn't require a network connection, everything stays on your phone; nothing is communicated with Google or anyone else."

      "Google also redesigned its speech software, with a new platform called SODA (Speech On Device API) that lets apps leverage Tensor for data-center-level speech recognition. Better yet, Osterloh said this all runs at half the power it used to on prior Pixels. He showed me a new Live Caption with Translate feature that subtitles all audio playing through your phone’s sound system. With Tensor, the device can both transcribe and translate what’s playing at the same (ish) time, without needing to use the cloud for processing."​
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