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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Pumpkin2005a, Oct 25, 2016.

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      Hi everyone from the United States. I hate that myself like all of you are meeting one another under these circumstances. I wouldn't wish this on anyone!
      I have always had a bit of tinnitus, since a child. I barely noticed it, I had repeated ear infections.
      Fast forward to now. About five months ago I started experiencing intense anxiety, mostly health related. I tried a couple of meds to no help. Then my doctor put me on Ativan, which I took for about 3 months almost daily, I stopped cold turkey on the 7th of this month.
      About 2 weeks ago my tinnitus in both ears went off the rails...loud that itt drowns out people talking sometimes and hurts my own ears. It's a loud screeching ring 24/7. I should add that I take gabapentin for nerve pain, but after the ringing began, I feared that it might be contributing to it.
      I do see an audiologist this week, but not to hopeful, no health insurance.
      I am so tired, so scared, so sad. I can't be the wife and mom my son and husband deserve.
      I have no clue what tipped this off, whether it was benzo use, gabapentin, or what.
      I just know that my ears are screaming, my head and neck hurt...and feel hopeless.
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      Hi Pumkin,

      Welcome to the board!

      It is a pity that you do not health insurance as you should see at least two specialists to help you diagnose the root cause:
      1) ENT
      2) Oral Surgeon

      Additional studies such an MRI and bloodwork could also be helpful.

      In the interim, the critical part is to try to control your anxiety; the more anxious, stressed out, and sleep deprived you get, the more you notice tinnitus. Best of luck.
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      not sure
      @Pumpkin2005a , welcome to the forum. Don't panic and depressed. There are lots of things you can try or do to get better. So don't try to project doom and gloom on the future based on the worst time of T sufferings at the beginning. Things can improve over time, especially with some good strategies. I empathize with your sufferings. Most of us here went through what you are going through now so we know how you feels. Your reaction to T is quite normal among T sufferers. So don't worry too much.

      There are many causes which can trigger or aggravate tinnitus including drug reaction or side-effects, ear or Eustachian tube infection, ear drum injury, fluid build-up feeling pressured, TMJ, high blood pressure or blood circulation problem, loud noise exposure or acoustic trauma, neck muscle problems, hearing loss, Meniere's, barotrauma from flight, grief for the loss of love ones, untreated sleep apnea, elevated stress, anxiety & panic disorder, etc. Try to see from above if there are other things besides bad drug reaction.

      Try to read as many success stories as you can. They can help lift your spirit and reduce your anxiety. They also contain insights and wisdom from those who have gotten better. I was in a mess a few years back afflicted with ultra high pitched dog whistle T and severe hyperacusis which turned all normal sounds unbearably loud and piercingly hurtful. I also had relentless anxiety and panic attacks. I never thought I could recover and have a good life again. But here I am living a normal and absolutely enjoyable life. I list some pointers which have helped me greatly. If you wish to read it, here is the link:

      You may want also to read the most read success story ‘Back to Silence’ with a simple effective strategy by IWLM:

      There are a lot of things you can learn from TT to help you get better. Don't panic and don't despair. There is a high probability that you will be just fine. Just believe it. In the mean time, try to stay calm and positive, as stress and anxiety plus sleeplessness can aggravate T. Try to focus on living, taking care of your family. If you need masking to reduce the fear of T, let me know and I will provide some links for masking sounds. Take good care & God bless.
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      Meniere's Disease
      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk pumpkin.
      Try to keep sound on around you and through the night play white noise or relaxing music set below your tinnitus.
      Your brain will work hard to pick up the lower sound you have chosen and push your tinnitus to the back and your brain in time won't see it as a threat and start building up it's own natural filter.
      I hope you get some medical help as know it can be hard having to have insurance.
      We can support you round the clock on the forum so your never alone....lots of love glynis

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