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      I looked at several forums for tinnitus and found this one. I want to be supportive and I also was interested in the user friendly set up. Mostly because I saw real research clearly identified.

      It will take some getting used to on this forum, but I will give it a go!

      Am going to an ENT soon as I developed a regular tinnitus effect some months ago. Can't really identify when, but enough that so I started my research on how to overcome this "thing"! lol

      I am taking a load of herb and supplements. I stopped my metaprolol (beta blocker for blood pressure) with approval from my doctor. I saw that it could be a side effect... so I am doing other things to keep it under control. So far no change as the T is still there. It is good to know that after 30 years of taking beta blockers I can live without this side effecting drug though. So, I will chalk one good thing up to T! lol Getting off BP drugs!

      I don't know my way around here yet, but I am trying sound therapy now. I have used it for about 3 days. I purchased a CD from Universal Sound Therapy and am listening to it daily. I decided on that as another course of action / treatment after considering masking, retraining etc.

      The owner of UST had tinnitus and recovered from it after a 4 month treatment with the therapy. From what I understand, it is basically cymatics. I resonate with the concept and have high hopes. There are also good reviews on it (the link I posted).

      I was hoping to find out if anyone considered trying this method, tried it and or will be willing to, and give some feedback - as well as, me giving you all my experience with it.

      There is so little out there for T sufferers, that I wanted to share and receive information here that could help relieve this 'issue".

      I hope to be a contributing member ....


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