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Discussion in 'Support' started by Buttercup27, Jan 25, 2013.

    1. Buttercup27

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      Hi everyone,

      I am new to this forum. I have had tinnitus for over a year and it was mostly manageable until a week ago.

      I noticed that it started to react to external sounds like my heating unit. I had a hearing test and do have slight conductive hearing loss so at first i thought maybe it was the hearing loss but the T returns to it's normal pitch when the sound stops.

      just wondering if I am going crazy or if there is anything I can do to help manage this new tinnitus issue.

      I can't even mask it anymore with white noise when trying to sleep. Thanks for any advice!
    2. Paul D

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      Welcome to the club, Buttercup...and no, you're not crazy. While I'm relatively new to this forum and have found no practical solutions to date, I do appreciate everybody's feedback and support. Just exchanging ideas and experiences at least eliminates one particular stress factor aggavating the condition...that I'm not alone in all this and at least SOME people can relate to what I'm going through. Personally, I deal with tinnitus primarily through the realization that while some days are almost unbearable, there are and will be others that are pleasant and rewarding in the grand scheme of things.

      Paul D
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    3. calin

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      Oct 2011
      Welcome Buttercup27!!

      Join the group and sound off when you like! We HEAR you!

      Have you tried any coping medications? Got to keep your spirits up!

      While I am an advocate for alternative/complimentary treatments, I do take Ativan when necessary... wee bits, but still do. I also notice a reduction in T as well as the irritation, so that is a bonus.

      I usually have minor T issues now - been over a year with it. and I can habituate to it fairly easy now. I notice it when I am on here and once or twice during the day or igt.

      I sleep with my rain and thunder cd every night! If I notice the T, I just focus on rain sounds.

      You are not crazy! Around 50 million people have one form of T or another. I am finding more people I know that have T and they have coped. They never complain so I had no idea.

      Look around... see what you can find for yourself that may help. Goodness, we are just waiting here for a good success story!!!
    4. Kevin West

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      Hi Buttercup. Its not easy to do it takes time to learn how to do things to take your mind of it, different things i do. like listen to music for example. One thing i am fortunate for, is i only have it in my left ear. I know quite a few people that have it. None of my brothers or sisters have it. No idea why i do, but doctor says it can be inherited. I am a light sleeper and in the last few months i wear ear plugs to bed. Does not seem to matter , i still hear the tinitus, but maybe not with other sounds i fall asleep easier. Any ways you are not alone and there are many good people here to help.
    5. GregCA

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      Conductive hearing loss? Is it in the low frequencies? Have you ruled out otosclerosis?

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