New Tinnitus Diagnosis: I Hear Drumming When Lying on Right Side Only

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jane S, Jul 12, 2015.

    1. jane S

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      June 2015
      Hi Fellow T-Survivors,

      I'm in my 50's, and I was diagnosed with Tinnitus a few weeks ago. I experience irregular drum beat sounds in my ear when I lay down on my right side only. I don't notice it during the daytime, though periodically in the past I could hear my heartbeat in my ears when I have been very stressed out.

      Since I've had insomnia for 20 years, I don't need more stuff to interfere with my sleep. I'm not a happy camper right now.

      I think years of using a hair dryer daily may have contributed to this problem for me, though I'm not sure.

      Thanks to all of you here for your many helpful posts. I have a bunch of catching up to do!

      Jane S.
    2. Mad maggot

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      This sounds very much like you are hearing your pulse in your ear. Pulsatile tinnitus.
    3. jane S

      jane S Member

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      June 2015
      Thank you Mad Maggot! After reading so many comments on this site it seems to be the case. I'm going to get a second opinion.

      Thank you again Mad Maggot!
    4. billie48

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      not sure
      Jane, @Karen is the resident T veteran on pulsatile tinnitus. She probably can give your more expert advice than me on PT. There is a sub-forum for PT support. You can post your questions there too. Take care & God bless.
    5. jane S

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      June 2015
      Thanks Billie48, very good to know!

      Today I read something online that made my blood boil, and immediately the drumming started in my right ear. So, it makes me feel it's related to my blood pressure.
    6. Karen

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      Hi, @jane S !

      As @billie48 has stated, I do have some experience similar to yours, and will be glad to answer any questions I can for you about pulsatile tinnitus.

      From what you have described, yours does sound like it could be pulsatile, and it looks as if it has been happening gradually for you. Pulsatile tinnitus has many possible causes, but it usually is vascular in nature. Yes, it is possible that yours is related to blood pressure. Have you been monitoring your blood pressure recently, and have you ever noticed that it is slightly elevated? Also, are you on any blood pressure drugs, or other drugs, that might have brought this on?

      I think it's unlikely that the use of a hair dryer could have caused your PT. It's more likely something else. One common cause of PT is benign intracranial hypertension, which has to do with fluid buildup around the brain. That is something that can be determined by a doctor, and there are remedies for it.

      I have pulsatile tinnitus, too. It is only in my right ear, and, just like you, I notice it most when I try to sleep at night. Mine started after my blood pressure became elevated, and I was put on a blood pressure drug. It's been five years since mine started, and I have since gotten off the blood pressure meds, but my pulsatile tinnitus is still there.

      If yours continues to be bothersome, you might want to be checked out by a doctor.

      In the meantime, please let me know if you have any questions, or just need some moral support. I totally understand what you're going through!!

      Best wishes,

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