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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Laurie, Oct 6, 2012.

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      I can't pinpoint when my Tinnitus started but I know it was around the 2009 time frame. Which coincidentally is when I started CPAP in june of 2009. Both my sleep Dr and ENT Dr say a CPAP can't cause Tinnitus but I beg to differ. Once I started it, I had multiple ear infections, it's pressure being forced through your mouth, and its a alot of pressure. I also had 2 ruptured ear drums. So between ear infections and ruptured ear drums its only gotten worse.

      April of this year, I came down with a cold I was really sick. My left ear blocked up, then a few days later my right ear. I went to the ENT and he said I had fluid behind my ear drums. 2 months went by and I was still having a hard time hearing still stuffy. He recommended I have my Tonsils and Adenoids out, both were very large. My Adenoids were keeping my Eustachian tubes from working properly. So I had surgery June 20th. My nose finally unblocked a couple of weeks later, My ears still weren't back to normal. However recently my hearing did improve, but the ringing in both ears got 10x worse. Now anytime I am near anything loud its torture. I take a shower and cringe when i shut the water off, blow dry my hair is just as bad.

      I am calling my ENT on Monday, I need him to atleast rule out anything serious. I'm sure between the infections, ruptured ear drums, being sick, surgery, its all made it worse. I am also sick with a cold right now, and my ears are both blocked and ringing so bad. Some days I just want to cry.

      Thanks for letting me vent. Hope to get some guidance and advice here :)
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      I can relate to your sensitivity to loud noises...When my T started I also had hyperacusis which resolved after several weeks, but I was exposed to a fire alarm 2 weeks ago and my T changed and my Hyperacusis is back...I too cant tolerate loud noises...The mall, traffic, noisy restaurants and even family gatherings get too loud for me so I wear ear plugs all the time...protect your ears for now (especially when you use the hair dryer)...most who has H has posted that it may resolved with time...hopefully ours will strong Laurie

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      Not sure
      I think you're probably right Laurie. Infections, ruptured ear drums, being sick, surgery and having a cold are all making it worse for you.

      One ray of hope though is that if they have detected fluid behind your ears this could be the cause of the tinnitus. My ENT told me that it could be a cause and I was hoping like mad that they'd see some fluid behind mine. They didn't.

      So many of us don't know the cause - we're just guessing. And the guessing drives you insane.

      Try to think that when your cold has disappeared and when your body has had the chance to heal you will feel better than you do now. The tinnitus may remain but you'll find it easier to cope?

      There is also the chance that the fluid will go and that your T may go when this happens (sometimes it can take a very long time for the fluid to go).

      Speaking for myself.. feeling like crying is completely normal - and understandable! My ears have screamed all day today and I feel like smashing something but I did cry in the first couple of months. I cried for my Dad because I believed that if he was still alive he would have somehow made me stronger... and more able to cope.

      I jumped tonight when someone closed a car door outside the front of my house. Daft I know but having this sensitivity to loud noises (most of the time) makes you nervous I suppose.

      Good luck and try to stay positive.

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      :-( positive thoughts to you all . There are better times ahead.
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      Thanks for all the kind words. Some days are just frustrating, and I hope I can get even just a little relief at some point. If it fluids behind my ear drums its taking forever to go away. I use nasal sprays which is supposed to help but it hasn't yet.

      I guess, I will have to find ways to cope and drown out the noise. I am however going to get some ear plugs for when i take a shower and blow dry my hair, not sure why I didnt think of it sooner lol.
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      My best thoughts with you Laurie. I wish you good luck and hope you get better soon.

      One thing I thought to mention - punctured eardrums normally take 2-3 days to heal, but in extreme cases it can take even weeks and doctor's help is necessary. You probably know this well, but when you have punctured eardrums, you shouldn't allow water get in your ear. It can cause infection and even damage your hearing!
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      hi Laurie, trying find my way around this site i joined up last nite, im reading everyone stories, i been going thro this for 7 yrs on my own its only recently i went ent been given aids which have helped me, i haven't had much help from drs or any1. ive not been told anything really just something i got 2 live wiv. i did tell drs that i have to pop my ears to hear was told not to pop them so to me that different air presser , ive had 3 attackeds of spinning which is all fall again has to b ears for balance. well i just hope rather soon than later something can be found 2 help us suffering wiv T.
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      otitis media with permanent hearing loss
      You are on the Starship Enterprise?

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