Nighttime Anxiety After Suddenly Being Waken Up

Discussion in 'Support' started by zombiechick, Jun 30, 2017.

    1. zombiechick

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      Medication and hearing loss
      My son woke me up to be breastfed. Noticed my ears were pretty loud and my anxiety soon tried to take over but I managed to push it aside. Trying to relax so I can fall back asleep.

      Anyone else notice loud tinnitus if they get woken up suddenly?
      Kind of ruins my day following a rough night's sleep. :(:inpain:
    2. Samantha R

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      Yes. I get the same thing.
      I cannot nap for this reason.
      If I am woken after a short time, I will most likely get a blasting loud tinnitus.
      It was happening nearly every night
      no matter what time I woke, but has backed off a bit since and if I can get 3-4 hours before being woken, then I seem to escape the blasting.
      At first, I struggled with it, but I've somehow managed to fall back to sleep. On the rare occasion that I can't, I take an Oxazepam.
    3. Tinker Bell

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      SSHL from virus
      Same here, and why I cannot nap either! Not that I was spending a lot of time napping anyway, but it is still annoying to feel like I no longer have that ability.
    4. Elliott.S

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      Music practice - Attending loud concerts
      Same for me. Actually, last week, I got woken up by (I guess) an extremely loud T in my left ear. The spike lasted about an hour, but I could barely hear anything above it. I think it's pretty common amongst people suffering T to avoid naps or notice worsened T's after sleep.
    5. Candy

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      Ditto have to wake up naturally and have a good night's sleep or T is bad. Even waking up at dawn is's as if sleep resets it...
    6. Bobbie7

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      Extreme stress, sinus infection
      Last night we went to a diner for dinner and they had the loudspeaker streaming music (if that is what you call it since it was nothing more than a loud jumble amidst all the conversations). The noise didn't bother me at first but after a little while it did so I put my musician's earplugs in. I always carry two different kinds of plugs in my purse so I am prepared.

      We have been having a heat spell here for many days now with temperatures in the upper 90's, extremely high humidity accompanied with the heat index hovering around 100. Our air conditioner, although not the noisiest is moderately loud but I am accustomed to it and do not sleep with earplugs on. Having slept very little which is the norm for me, upon awakening I noticed a definite change in my tinnitus... having gotten much louder than the previous day. I wish I understood what actually causes both the type of sound and the volume of tinnitus to change and be reset by sleep. The scenario at the diner last night was no different than other times when I experienced similar noise levels in restaurants and placed my earplugs in. It seems such a peculiarity and so mysterious that tinnitus reacts differently each time. This change in volume may only be a temporary spike but it would help to understand why in seemingly identical situations, the tinnitus seems so unpredictable. I also wonder if the amount of sleep has any bearing on tinnitus and how prevalent the resetting of T is amongst others?
    7. Michael Leigh

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      Noise induced
      My tinnitus varies considerably from: complete silence, mild, moderate or severe. I have given up trying to find a reason why it behaves this way since my second noise trauma in 2008. Yesterday the tinnitus was completely silent. Woke up this morning and it was quite loud and intrusive. After a couple of hours it has reduced to moderate which doesn't bother me in the slightest. If it were severe I can tolerate it for about two days perhaps three then have to take my clonazepam if it doesn't calm down.


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