No Changes, I'm Still Habituated and Living a Full Life

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by JohnnyMx, Oct 12, 2016.

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      Hi guys and girls, I only came to send good vibes and hope,

      Just to tell you that things should be better for most of us. The way you see and feel our condition is the key for a better management of it.

      I still have from moderate to severe Tinnitus (but not catastrophic), I can still hear it over the traffic, inside of an airplane, on the bus, everywhere anytime. But, finally, the SOUND is not a problem anymore. The constant ringing is now part of my life, of my new silence, and does not interfere with my everyday activities.

      I'm still having a nice battle (which I'm also winning) with my chronic headaches, ear fullness and my severe ear sensitiveness and moderate hyperacusis. But I feel all of this things are also manageable.

      My Tinnitus did not improved, my hyperacusis just barely, but my MIND, that little friend just seems it took steroids. I'm feeling stronger mentally, no signs of depression, having the will to start new projects, and that is the very one thing that has made my condition completely manageable.

      How did I improved my mental stability?

      In this journey I understood that there are very bad things out there worst than Tinnitus. I found people with very severe chronic pain, unstoppable 24/7. I found people that have lost their children in accidents (I have 2 little boys), I found people with Multiple Sclerosis, I started to compare my life with my relatives and friends. Some of them have died very young leaving behind kids and family. Some of them have more than 1 children with brain paralysis (imagine having 2 kids, different age, and both with brain damage, taking care of them 24/7)...

      We have to live fully with what we have. We have to be the best version of us everyday, don't try to be perfect, or someone with a perfect life... just be the best person that you could be this day.

      Best regards for all of you, take care and hope you find your own habituation methods, the ones that better suits you.

      Your friend,
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      Thanks for sharing with us such a positive story.
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      Noise exposure

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