Non-Constant Fluctuating and Changing Tinnitus Sounds — What's Going On?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ariana807, Aug 20, 2019.

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      I am a 28 year old woman. I have had tinnitus for a long time. I honestly don’t know exactly when I got it, somewhere between 2006-2008. I do know it was right after Christmas.

      The sound and all have been constant until before summertime now in 2019. So it's been constant for over 10 years and now something new. And I can’t figure it out.

      I have the same old «tv-sound» in both ears. High pitched tone. But before the summer in my right ear suddenly a second sound started showing up. Not constant. Sometimes it's there, sometimes not. Sometimes it's a lower tone, other times it's a tone that oscillates (is that the right word?), the tone switches up and down. To higher notes, one lower, one higher, one lower, three higher... constant fluctuation of up and down.

      I have seen that having two sounds in one ear is not uncommon. I have read that even this «switching» type is also common. But these non-constant sounds are freaking me out a bit and well since they keep changing, being there and not being there, it's hard to get used to it. Never knowing what to expect when I lie down to sleep.

      This I can’t find any information on, and I wanted to ask if someone has heard of something like this. Sound coming and going?
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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      This happens to me quite a bit actually. I have gotten new sounds/tones at different ranges and it use to puzzle me a little. For a long time, I have had constant hellish tones that would never change and I accepted it. Then new tones would come around and I was not happy about them. It could be from my martial arts, from the gym, possibly from my diet (good or bad at times), it could be stress, maybe from a med I was taking.....lots of factors go into these types of situations. We have to journal our habits and see what help and what does not.

      The thing, that I work on most is not getting emotional... over the sounds anymore. Sure I do hate having hell screaming out my ears, but at the same time remaining calm.... no matter what is how I approach it. If I get emotional about the new tones, then they can possibly get louder and even more annoying.....

      Hope ya feel better.....
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      I focused on verifying if I had tinnitus
      It was almost always fluctuating for me.

      My tinnitus at first was a single tone, then two single tones, then a ringing tone, then a hissing added to the ringing, then a moving hissing tone.

      Now I have this ringing, the hissing, a moving hissing, another moving "air whistle", sometimes a moving buzzing... And it was not after a concert or whatever.

      Sometimes I can hear all of them, sometimes just 3... And yes it's hard to habituate, well quite impossible, but I try to be as little in silence as possible so I can't hear it.

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