Off to Florida in a Few Months — Advice?

Discussion in 'Support' started by geg1992, May 4, 2015.

    1. geg1992

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      Noise exposure + Antibiotics
      Hi all,

      Off to Florida soon as it's like my happy place. Since I got T I booked it to help me get through this awful noise and give me something to look forward to. But I'm worried about most things when I get there haha.

      The flight is 9 hours, would wearing EARPLANES for take off and landing, then foam ear plugs for the flight be OK? I had a major spike last time I flew and that was only 2 hours.

      Thunderstorms -
      • Storm watching is one of my hobbies, would I be okay just wearing ear plugs? Also unexpected lightning scares me, i.e. storm out of nowhere and not prepared.

      Water parks -
      • I love going on the big slides, will splashing into the water at the end of a ride, like when your ear hits the water cause any damage? if that makes sense?
      • Should I worry about ear infections?

      Theme parks in general -
      • They can often be noisy, surely I can't wear ear plugs all day every day?
      • Also what about roller coasters? Will the pressure changes mean wearing foam plugs is dangerous?
      • Does roller coasters chucking you around cause damage to the inside of the ear?
      • Has anybody been to Disneyworld on here before with T? What were your experiences?
      Thanks for any advice.
    2. SarahR

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      I'd be interested in the roller coaster question in particular - I've wondered the same and Florida has some amazing roller coasters! I can't imagine the pressure change being huge, but still the idea of blocking ears is slightly concerning.

      If I was at a theme park I'd probably have a couple of pairs of plugs, most of he time wearing custom plugs with maybe 10/15 attenuation, this would purely be due to the relatively high ambient noise I'd be around all day with no escape and parlty due to my hyperacusis - screaming kids is a no-no for me! Maybe download a dB meter app, these aren't totally reliable but give a reasonable baseline. I know I check in busy places sometimes and often it's surprising how loud something is, or how quiet a sound I'm really bothered by is!

      For rides I'm not so sure, but would be really interested to hear others opinions :)

      Have fun with your trip, I'm really jealous!
    3. Sound Wave

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      Probably headphones
      As a reply and answer to your title question -> have a great time! Do the things you truly love and you will forget your T. In the beginning it will be hard, but the moments you forget your T will grow longer and longer and that is habituation my friend! :)
    4. billie48

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      I agree with sound wave. Focus on the enjoyment, living life abundantly, and be ready for a bump here or there but nothing serious. Most noises don't damage hearing. If they cause spike, it usually settles to baseline. So enjoy all you can and have your ear plugs ready for really loud situation. Also, when you have a long stretch of fun in which you forget about your T, take that to heart. That can be a guiding light for you to know that is the direction in life for you - enjoy and distract from T while ready for a few bumps here and there and it is okay. In due time, if you continue like that, the bumps will be less and less and you probably don't care because life is back to being fun. Enjoy your trip.

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