On Behalf of My Mum Who Suffers from Tinnitus, What Advice Could I Give Her?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mossi79, Mar 26, 2021.

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      Working next to a printing press in a shed
      Hello! I don't personally suffer from tinnitus but am hoping to get some advice for my 72-year-old Mum who has suffered for years from it. She thinks the damage was caused when she worked alongside a printing press in an industrial shed back in 1996.

      No hearing protection provided of course!

      But lately it has gotten worse and she finds it harder to sleep than ever.

      I read on these forums that some people get relief from pressing in on their jaw? Is that right? Can anyone give me any more details as to specific exercises I can show her maybe?

      Thanks in advance for your help.
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      Noise induced
      Your mother has had noise induced tinnitus as long as I have. This type of tinnitus will usually remain stable for long periods, sometimes years once habituation has been achieved. This will not apply to everyone as we are all different and if hyperacusis (sensitivity to sound) is present can cause additional problems. It is also important that a person refrains from being exposed to loud sounds and my advice, is not to use any type of headphones even at low volume, otherwise there's a risk of the tinnitus increasing.

      Noise induced tinnitus can also increase if a person's hearing is impaired. Therefore, it is important for their hearing to be checked to see whether hearing aid(s) are needed and advise that your mother makes an appointment at ENT, for tests to be carried out on her auditory system to find out what has caused the tinnitus to recently increase? She may also need a referral to Audiology to see an Audiologist that specialises in tinnitus treatment and management.

      Please do not advise your mother to press on her jaw, neck or around the ears in an attempt to lower the tinnitus as the opposite can happen. Many nerves at these locations also connect or transmit signals to the auditory system. One can easily make the tinnitus worse if they don't know what they are doing, so please leave well alone.

      Please click on the links below and print my articles and give them to your mother to read when she's able to.

      All the best

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      plugged nasal eustachian tube
      I'm 73 and have had tinnitus going on for 4 years. My tinnitus was from ear infection and eustachian tube dysfunction. But as time went on I found Tai Chi to help take my mind off the noise and reducing, I ignore the ringing. @Jazzer does meditation and this friend has it seriously bad. Do not let your mom rub anything, it may worsen the tinnitus.
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      Signs point to a cervical issue
      Hearing aids might help. My therapist had hearing loss and she got hearing aids and when she wears them it greatly reduces her noise-induced tinnitus. I think it raises the floor for hearing - ears don't have to try so hard.

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