Pain from Everyday Sounds?

Discussion in 'Support' started by rubyroseware, Oct 16, 2015.

    1. rubyroseware

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      Norwich, United Kingdom
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      Whenever someone crinkles a plastic bag the noise is like a car driving past me. Simple sounds are so painful to my ears?
      What is this?
    2. Aaron123

      Aaron123 Member

      Hyperacusis. There is a forum here.
    3. nomoredreaming

      nomoredreaming Member

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      When I click my fingers my ear drums flutter all the time
    4. glynis

      glynis Member Benefactor Hall of Fame Ambassador Team Awareness

      England, Stoke-on-Trent
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      Meniere's Disease
      It does sound like over sensitive ears as well as tinnitus called hyperacusis .Its all about desensitising your ears slowly around the problematic sounds.. lots of love glynis
    5. CarloZ

      CarloZ Member

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      September 3, 2015
      Hyperacusis. I had this for a couple a days. But it was mild. Nothing to painful but my ear were sensitive. Like when I shut the door or when something fell. I've never heard of this being permanent though. I've heard with of people with severe hyperacusis bringing ok in a couple of months.
    6. mohamad-m

      mohamad-m Member

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      hunting with no ear safety
      Hyperacusis.... Try to rest you're ears
    7. I who love music

      I who love music Member

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      mid seventies
      My ears were like that when I was young, and again years later after some very loud music. Popping the top off a pill bottle or pulling tape off a spool was too much.

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