Pain in Back of My Hip and Right Thigh

Discussion in 'Health Talk' started by Artmuzz, Jan 23, 2016.

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      I have been suffering from pain in the back of my right hip and the pain runs down my right thigh and I have been suffering this for a couple of months now. Sometimes I feel the pain in my knee and ankle. I visited my doctor and after he examined my leg he suggested that I don't have sciatica as my leg reflexes are fine. He told me what he thinks I could have but I've forgotten the name.

      The pain slowly eases when I lie down but the pain starts again when I get up to go to the bathroom or when I go out for my daily walks. It is also painful in the right back of my hip, buttock and thigh when I try and kick with the affected leg. I had similar pain in my upper righ arm/shoulder a couple of years ago that lasted months but the pain went away.

      I suffer from migraine headaches and ultra high pitch tinnitus similar to sound from a dog whistle or crt television but I only hear it in quiet enviroments. I also suffer from anxiety and depression and recently had a few panic attacks last year. I am starting to think I have fibromyalgia.

      Please advise.
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      Probably headphones
      Those are classic sciatica signs. Have you had an MRI to your back to confirm this? Another cause could piriformis syndrome. I suggest you start to stretch your legs. Google instructions for sciatica & piriformis stretches. I had a similar issue this summer and it was nasty. I still have some pains in my toes.
    3. Artmuzz

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      My doctor examined my leg and told me he doesn't think it is sciatica I have. The pain is in the front and side of my thigh and back of my hip. I thought sciatica pain was at the back of the leg/thigh.

      I have booked in for a hospital appointment with a physiotherapist next month about my hip and thigh.

      I will google for some stretches.
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      I've had sciatica for years had surgery in 1995 , the pain was way worse after surgery. The physical therapist taught me a bunch of exercises to stretch my hamstring s . I did the ine that gave me a few minutes of relief, and didn't do the ones that made it worse. They also gave me exercises to strengthen my back and abdominal muscles. And the doctor that did the surgery told me anything you can do to strengthen your core the less likely you'll be to have to go through the surgery again. I found that some of the stretch s gave me a few minutes of relief gorm the pain. So instead of doing them twice a day like the therapist told me to, I did them several times a day and afterword walked for 15 minutes. Everytime the paim was gone for about 5 minutes. But as I got stronger the pain free periods increased in length. After 3 months I was pain free for 30 minutes after each set. And after 6 months I was pain free most all day. If I started to get those feelings in the back of my thigh I'd lay down and do those stretch s as soon as possible. One day at work someone had tilted the backrest of the driver's seat all the way back, and I thought that it would really screw up my back. Driving for 9 hours like that so I sat up straight without the backrest behind me until I got tired then I would lean back and drive like that which I found very uncomfortable. So for the whole day it was sit up straight for as long as I could then lean back and relax until I could set up straight again. I got home that night and my abbs were really tired. But the next day I wasn't sore. And I thought gee it made my abbs tired so that means it was a good workout for them. And the doctor telling me "anything you can do to strengthen your core" came back to me . So I started driving like that all I could at first it was 20 or 30 minutes sitting up straight with no backrest and 5 minutes leaning back to rest my abbs.but now I drive like that all the time even in my car. Abd my sciatica hardly ever bothers me anymore , if I get really stressed out it will act up and I have to do the stretches . But now one set almost always takes care of it. I have wondered if I had done the stretches and strength building exercises long enough, if I would have had to have the surgery at all. I am so sold on exercisce , I wish there was a way to get that message out to young people , if people would just keep their cores strong there would be a lot less siatica. Be strong. And have a good day.
    5. Artmuzz

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      Since two weeks ago this has got worse. I am getting pain running from buttock right down back of my thigh and calf. My foot feels cold and my little toe feels numb. It is painful sitting and lying. When I am walking, not only is my calf muscle tight I am getting sharp shooting pains in my calf when I try to walk (or should I say limp) faster. This is hell and I am up all night with this.

      I went to an osteopath and indeed he is telling that it is classic sciatica that I have. I have to attend osteopathic treatment every week which is costing me a fortune and I am struggling financially. I also registered with a Chinese medicine clinic for acupuncture as I read acupuncture can relieve sciatica. The Chinese doctor there kind of scared me when he told me it sounds like I have circulation problems and trapped nerve from what I told him but he hasn't examined me yet.

      I am trying to do stretches but they are painful on my affected right leg and the pain is so bad I cannot put my shoe on. I use a ice pack every few hours to settle the pain and I am using a walking stick to get by.

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