Pearl Jam to Give Away Earplugs on Upcoming Tour

Discussion in 'Support' started by Greg Clarke, Mar 14, 2016.

    1. Greg Clarke

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      Acoustic Trauma, Live Music
      It's often said that those in the industry don't do enough to spread the word about Tinnitus/Hearing Loss.

      Nice to see one of my favorite bands doing something to educate;

      "Bassist Jeff Ament said: "Don't be careless and lazy at loud rock shows or cranking tunes through an old Walkman like I was 30 years ago (but boy, did it all sound good). Wear hearing protection or you'll end up with a 1.5k ring in both ears every night when you go to bed or worse when you are trying to enjoy the serene quiet of an empty desert or forest, again like me."


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    2. linearb

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      1.5k sounds like a big improvement over 15k.
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    3. marqualler

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      Pearl Jam--my first "favorite" rock band. Saw them play in Berlin when I went to Germany with my high school German class in 2000. Now I like them even more!

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