Persevering as a Musician with Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by VictorDedalus, Apr 7, 2020.

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      I just wanted to encourage any musicians coping with this affliction. I've been suffering with awful, constant unilateral tinnitus for three years now, but I've resumed writing and recording. Despite the intrusive and sometimes pitch-obscuring screech, I somehow manage to sing on key. To all you musicians, keep doing what you love.

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      Loud music
      Nice! Good production, and the vocals sit very well in the mix. All done in the home studio, yes?

      I was wondering how musicians are getting on with online recording and jam sessions becoming more of a thing during lockdown. I've been invited to take part in one using an app called BandLab. Anyone have experience of using this?
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      Loud Noise Exposure
      I won a box full of T and terrible pain H in 2015. Now just being able to tolerate 60db of Marshall goodness relatively pain free, 80 with protection. As a matter of fact, due to being in the COVID kennel I dug out the guitar pedals now designing a new board! What I really miss is playing live with quality human beings. It's very hard to match that level of connecting on so many levels. I wish I knew how to record as I think this would assist in satiating the creative aspect of things. I'm starting a new job in August thus probably not a good time to jump into the recording rabbit hole anyway. I wish you all the best.
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      Doing concert photography
      hey just curious--I'm an aspiring singer-songwriter/producer, and I was wondering if you had any tips for producing and listening to music/navigating the music industry with tinnitus. i'm having a really hard time finding the same comfort I once did in producing since I've gotten tinnitus and given up headphones, but I don't want to give up on my dreams yet.
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      Born with condition-recently diagnosed/treated for migraines
      Musicians' earplugs are literally my best friend. Most ear plugs affect the quality of the sound, making it sound muffled and dull, but musicians plugs have filters that protect the quality of the sound and simply make it quieter. They’re quite pricy but I got mine through my ENT for less. They also come with different filters of dB reductions and can either be custom fit or not. Mine are the custom fit and I love them. Best ear plus I’ve ever owned, I wish I would have bought them years ago.
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