Poll: When You First Noticed Your Tinnitus Did You Wake Up from Sleep to It?

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, May 6, 2016.


When you first noticed your tinnitus did you wake up from sleep to it?

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  2. No

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    1. JasonP
      No Mood

      JasonP Member

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      Basically the first time it started, did you notice it when you woke up?
    2. Mario martz

      Mario martz Member

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    3. bill 112

      bill 112 Member

      Republic Of Ireland
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      Noise exposure
      Nope,funny enough my grandmother was talking about my uncles T to my mother and I payed no attention to what she was saying.Literally 1 minute later I thought my fridge was broken because I could hear a hiss coming from it.I left the room but could still hear the hissing,I covered my ears and that was the start of the nightmare.Just a major coincidence that my T started as we were talking about T.
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    4. Engineer

      Engineer Member

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      Most likely acoustic hearing loss
      Yes I did. I don't think it woke me up, but I was aware of it right after I awoke. It was a very unpleasant morning as I began my crash internet course on T.
    5. Fungus

      Fungus Member

      Wild, Wet and Wooly Wales
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      No....developed as a very faint and infrequent hiss in one ear by day, and developed into a couple of jet engines in both ears 24/7 over the course of about a month.

    6. Beste

      Beste Member

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      Benzo/Clonazepam, Stress
    7. volsung37

      volsung37 Member Benefactor

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      My journey into the underworld started with waking up one night to Pulsatile Tinnitus. I had never really thought such a thing could exist. Lasted 8 months then went away gradually. I had intermittent ordinary T but it never bothered me much until Feb 16 this year when it appeared during the night. Give me the PT any day.
    8. Path Maker

      Path Maker Member Benefactor

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      Yes. Woke me from a sound sleep.
    9. Enid

      Enid Member

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      Tinnitus wakes me up at night. Its worse mornings evenings and afternoons. There wasn't a definite start to it just a realisation of a buzz that was always there sometimes so quiet almost inaudible sometimes so loud blocks out all other sounds. Started after ear infection last October/november . getting ears syrnged in a few weeks Dr thinks earwax is partly responsible. MRI showed nothing to worry about.

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