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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by pappa, May 22, 2015.

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      Hi everybody!

      I used to read this forum a lot looking for the magic cure and positive stories. I swore back then, if it gets better I'm gonna write my story. I think the beginning was quite similar to others: After a stressful period suddenly tinnitus appeared from nowhere. Cricket sound in the right ear!! Summarizing the events followed:
      Panic! Doctor visit. Everything Ok. More panic! Visit another doctor! Infusion therapy. no result! Panic, what if never goes away! No sleep! Xanax + sleep pils + antidepressants! Acupuncture therapy! No result! Psychologist visit at the Tinnitus Centrum! No result!
      Luckily I have dropped quite fast the sleep pills and the xanax, but the antidepressants remained. I couldn't sleep without these more than one year, but even with pills no more than 6 hours and got asleep only after 1-2 AM. During the day, masking, reading forums about, counting good/bad days and waiting for the day that everything goes away.
      And then something wonderful happened!
      My daughter was born.
      Suddenly our(with my wife) lives was changed. She was in the focus, there was no time barely for something else.
      And slowly I began to have good sleep, at the beginning with half dosage of meds and after it without anything. Now I could sleep even 10 hours(if it's were possible :). But the fact is I slowly forgot about my T. It's still there but I don't care. I don't give a f**k. I still have "bad days/good days", but it's not so important for me. Sometimes I can't even decide if it's there or not.
      I think this is called habituation. At first when I have read such statements I thought that it's impossible. How can someone not notice a beep sound in the ear?
      So my advice after one and half year of T to every T sufferer is: This is sh*t, is nothing. Don't pay attention to it because there are lot more interesting things to do, than listening to this crap. The power is within the mind!!!!
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      Really don't know
      Thanks!!!! I'm glad you are doing better!!! This gives all us newbies some bright insight!!!! God bless you!

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