Pulsatile Tinnitus — Worried — Doctor Says There's "Probably Nothing Wrong"

Discussion in 'Support' started by NickolaiHC, May 19, 2019.

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      Hello everyone,

      I have had pulsatile tinnitus in my right ear, starting some time earlier this year, maybe February. I was not sure what it was to begin with, so I just went to the doctor a week ago. He listened to my neck, and could not hear anything. He did mention that additional testing could be done, but it would cost ~$3,000. He said that he wouldn't waste our money as there is "probably nothing wrong." I have also suffered from minor headaches (sporadic, not really in the same place) and some nausea/lack of appetite for the last couple of weeks. Do you think these could have anything to do with the pulsatile tinnitus?

      I am getting in my own head about what could be wrong with me, worrying a lot, feeling super anxious. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this?
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      With those symptoms I would get more testing done. Even though nothing showed up I at least got some peace in knowing that nothing serious was going on.

      Hang in there. I went through the early stages of panic until I got tested and just started living.
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      Wouldn't that be a reason to move forward with the testing? I understand it isn't cheap, and hope you have insurance to cover some of the cost, but it can either bring you peace of mind or get you ahead in treating whatever you find. Either way, it seems like a useful outcome.

      That's what I would do. I was in a similar situation recently and went ahead with the tests.
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      Several causes
      You need to think carefully about what happened before the tinnitus appeared, in terms of stress, noise, worries, if you were feeling down, or depressed. Basically look at noise and stress.

      That sort of money looks A LOT for tests, but I do not know what is the healthcare situation where you live, whether there is public healthcare etc.. basically you need an audiogram, a tympanogram, a CAT scan, and probably that is all. Those tests, even billed at a expensive rate, should not exceed 500-600 USD.

      If I were you I would not have an MRI until a year or so goes by... it is a super loud test and can make tinnitus worse. With the CAT scan doctors can already see and rule out a lot of things.
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      Abscess tooth
      If you have PT you should be seeing a neurologist to begin with, then a neurologist after that. A family doctor or an ENT is going to be of no help to you unless they've already checked for a bruit to see if your PT is objective - in which case, again, you'd need to be referred to a neurologist anyway. Meantime get a scrip for 1mg tabs of Lorazepam and take as needed when stressed. Do NOT overdo it. Benzos are addictive plus they lose their efficacy the more you do them. Simply going for a 10 minute walk will help. Beside that make sure you're eating right and exercising regularly. Lose weight if you need to, and all the usual stuff.

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