Questions on Using Earplugs in the Gym and Lunch Room

Discussion in 'Support' started by barbb, May 3, 2016.

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      I've had TAnd H for about 2 mths now....:(
      Was wondering your thoughts on me wearing my ear plugs in the gym if I keep them on low?
      Also I work in a lunch room 7/8 th graders.....very loud......I've been using cotton in my ears.....?
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      Maybe Audio, Stress, TMJ, Jaw, Sleeping Stomach, Cervical
      My "H" or sensitivity to sound lasted 3-4 months into this, (my pitch went up as my brain (dorsal cochelar nucleus) was trying to decipher human voice chatter) This still happens when I sleep poorly, with neck kinked

      There are way better options for ear plugs, I like these below bc they let you still hear but it cuts off some and they're clear. They felt safe anyways.

      LiveMus!c Reusable Ear Plugs - Standard

      If your H continues then there's a product out there that is not even for sale yet called

      Here Active Listening

      They require a smart phone app and let you "turn down" your world, I'm very fortunate ( I do not believe in luck) to own these because some co-worker dude attended a conference and didn't know how to use them so I jumped on them. I paid $140 (they're worth 200-250, he was askin $190)

      I'm researching the benefits for my blog on T reduction using active noise canceling sound therapy. They actually have a "kid" filter built in. lol.

      Check ebay, there's a pair for bid now or wait for my review in a week. ;)

      "Here Active Listening is the name for an "in-ear audio system" the lets you fine tune your aural environment. In layman's terms, you'll pair these wireless earbuds to your phone via Bluetooth. But they're more like microphones than headphones: choose a preset on the included app (available on iOS and Android), and all of the sounds around you are suddenly at your mercy."
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      Probably sound, though never proven
      Its early days. If you think you need them, you need them. The time to pull back on their use will become apparent in its own time.

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