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Discussion in 'Support' started by JAKUB, May 12, 2014.

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      Hello everyone, I am a radio producer who recently got tinnitus and hyperacusis. I have yet to see an ENT as this is very new. I am really scared and worried about work, last week I did work at super low levels on the speakers however I am worried this might be making my condition worst. Right now I am very sensitive to everyday sounds. Any suggestions?

      Thank you!
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      For tinnitus, most people just habituate to it over time. They almost tend to forget it's even there-- similar to if someone is living near a train station or airport and they have guests over. Guests may ask "how do you live with that noise?" But the person is already so used to it that they literally forget it is there and it doesn't bother them. The best way to habituate to the tinnitus is to do your best not thinking about it, and always try to be in some type of noise. Even if it is just a fan running. Other noises include "color" noises like pink noise, white noise, etc or nature sounds such as oceans, rain forests, etc. Find what works best for you! You don't want to overpower and mask the tinnitus completely-- rather, just blend it into the background. It is also very important to change your reaction to the tinnitus. Right now of course it is new and scary, and that's okay, but having a more positive or neutral reaction definitely helps with habituation (ie it's there, but it's not harming me and doesn't bother me.) Try your best not to stress out over it-- it will make your tinnitus worse! Hypothetically, if adding in your own background noise doesn't work (and this is a process, not an overnight thing) there are ear level devices that could be of asisstance. It's always nice to first try the free/environmental things first in my opinion, though!

      As far as the hyperacusis, sound desensitization therapy is a good start. Not only will it help with your tinnitus since it's introducing noise in your environment but it will toughen your auditory system. Play something (in your case maybe the radio) at a certain level for a week or two. When you are comfortable, turn it up just one notch. Keep it at that level for a week or two (or more if need be.) keep doing this slowly but surely. Depending on your LDLs (Loudness Discomfort Levels) you may need to start this at levels where it is barely audible-- and that's fine. As long as you are not blasting things above 80 dB for an extended period of time without ear protection, this will not harm your hearing or tinnitus.

      Good luck and keep us posted! I'm so sorry to hear about this but don't be scared or worried! There is always something you can do to help yourself and you can't find out what those are unless you consult a doctor. :)
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      Thanks Ashley, another concern I have is that I work in a studio environment, lots of computers, screens, humms and eletrical buzz. Can this in any way make the T worst?

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