Reaction to Pneumonia Vaccine?

Discussion in 'Support' started by cochrwi, Jan 14, 2015.

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      I got pneumonia vaccine Monday morning as p/o routine annual physical. Shot was given in right shoulder. Monday nite I noticed a possibly new aspect of my T. As I lay in bed and I rolled from left side to right side, I heard a very faint "tink", like someone tapping a wine glass with a knife. It is repeatable. I only hear this in my right ear. It only happens when I am horizontal and roll from l/s to r/s. It is a single "tink". Am curious whether this is some kind of reaction to the shot; whether this is some new aspect of my T that will remain; if so, is it apt to progress? Any thoughts/comments appreciated.
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      I had the pneumonia vaccine a couple of months ago and it didn't affect my T in any way. Hope your new sound goes away!

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