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      Hello everyone, I am almost 100% sure I have this really nasty disease, if I can call it a disease. My left ear has been giving me problems for about three months now. Had my GP remove some wax build up a couple of months ago and he said it was all clear. Went back to him about ten days ago over some blood work results and mentioned that my left ear was still feeling as though there was still a build up. He examined me and said all was clear. I then had him line me up with a ENT Dr. who is to send me a letter as to when I can get into see him.
      Anyway soon after leaving his office everything got worse. Over the next couple of days I have a constant Whooshing sound in my left ear and my hearing (which was always good) is now so poor in my left ear I'm almost deaf.
      This is driving me crazy. It is now 09;30 p.m. and I am dreading the thought of bed. I can't sleep, it sounds like I have one of those big konch shells over my ear. The worst of it is I can't run from it, I can't hide, it just keeps coming, sometimes very low, but then give it thirty seconds and it bounds. I can hardly wait to see this ENT Dr. I will do some of the reading on your site tonight if I can possibly concentrate. I will not go on and on, but I guarantee I will be back.
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      Bill....sorry to hear of your plight. I guess tinnitus is a's due to a myriad of different causes, seemingly with a final common pathway.
      Do you have any ear infection?
      The whooshing sound could be pulsatile tinnitus.
      Chase up the ENT referral, it really sounds as though you need to be sorted out, and if the appointment is long delayed, get something to help you sleep. Anxiety, sleep deprivation, introspection and dwelling on the sound will make it appear much worse.
      Oh, and to introduce a little 'levity'....did your tinnitus start at 10:15 a.m or have you really had a thousand years of suffering? (Yes, I know it probably feels that way.....)

      Best wishes,

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      not sure
      Probably ask the ENT to check on your Eustachian Tube to see if you have ETD. The symptoms you describe seem to fit ETD. Google Eustachian Tube Disfunction and see the symptoms are close to what you are having. Usually ETD is due to blockage or swelling of the tube, and generally will take a few weeks to clear. The best you can do now is to keep calm and positive because anxiety and stress will aggravate T. You may also want to try a prednisone treatment with your ENT.

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