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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Saleem1988, Mar 1, 2018.

    1. Saleem1988

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      Hi all,

      I am 29 years old and I recently acquired tinnitus after my girlfriends birthday party at a loud club, unfortunately she got bottle service and they sat us right down next to the speakers close to the stage. I have been really worried about this as I don't want to live with this for the rest of my life. I really don't know what to do what to think and I find myself constantly reading about tinnitus online but I find very little success stories of people who recovered from tinnitus.

      I don't think my tinnitus is that bad although last night I felt it screaming, also I think maybe because its on my mind all the time. in the morning I can hear it mostly in quiet surroundings such as my bed room or the bathroom, when I am in the kitchen or outdoors I barely hear it unless I really go in a quiet area and listen for it. I noticed as the day goes on the tone changes and I am able to hear it more in the evening/night time. I guess I am hooping this resolves and I can go back to my normal life style and always be cautious with my ears from now on.

      I guess I am just looking for some hope out there and positive stories which will help me get through the next few weeks so I can wait it out and see if there is any improvements.

      The tone frequency I have noticed kept changing for the last couple of weeks but today I don't notice the tone changing at all.

      If I do become successful and this somehow diminishes I will still keep this account and share any positivity in the future about T.
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    2. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      @Saleem1988 ,
      Give your ears a break from extra loud sounds and headphones and keep relaxing music on around you if your sound becomes destressing .
      Time is a great healer...
      Love glynis
    3. AUTHOR

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      Noise Exposure
      @glynis do you think my ears/ brain can bounce back from this been so down and depressed even lost weight cause I've been hardly eating.. so frustrated.
    4. DebInAustralia
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      From what I have read, the window of opportunity to take steroids is 48 hours? post acoustic trauma, but if I were you, I would still give it a go. I would also consider trying magnesium and n acetyl cysteine.

      Have you had an extended audiogram to assess if you have any hearing loss?
    5. Bill Bauer
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      In tip 1 in the post below, you will find something better than anecdotal evidence. You will find links to actual scientific studies that report on the fraction of people who get to recover. It looks like a considerable fraction get to hear silence again. I also recommend that you scan the rest of the tips in that thread.

      It's a very good sign that you had experienced some changes and that it is not always relentlessly at the same pitch.

      Don't worry about happens on a day-to-day basis. Ears take forever to heal, so when it comes to tinnitus, what matters is the monthly trend.
    6. Adamwynn

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      I thought how could I live with it etc etc, but I can honestly say it doesn’t affect me anymore. It took some getting used to but I living an amazing life and I’m genuinely happy. I’m not More or less happy than I was before and I only here mine when I’m alone or sleeping (touchwood) so to me the ringing is a sign it’s bedtime! It gets better and easier. It might not go away and if it doesn’t you will learn to live with it. I go out and have a laugh with my friends, I go shopping, to the movies, chill and play Xbox etc all like I used to! The important thing is, in the beginning you will think how can I distract myself from this as I’m trying to distract myself etc. But from that first moment where you tune it out completely/it’s completely covered and you forget about it. It will all fall into place! And I always thank myself that I didn’t get it much worse. Yours sounds minor, so like me, be grateful you didn’t get it badly, think of this as a warning. My advice too, is always carry some earplugs around with you too! Just in case!

      Also one thing I find is, I sleep with a fan on which really helps! I know if I want to become ‘fully accepting’ of my T I shouldn’t but it’s about how comfortable you feel with yours! Sometimes I listen to TV too but that’s just because I like listening not to drown things out! If you have any questions feel free to message me :)

      All the best!
    7. Tavia

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      Hello for some reason it is not letting me reply to my inbox. I accidentally replied to someone else’s thread thinking it was you haha .
      So yes I like you think it has more to do with your brain rather than damage to your inner ear...if so you would have hearing loss or even be dizzy and I’m assuming you are neither? Even so there are so many people with hearing loss and no tinnitus..
      Your tinnitus is relatively new and I’m sure it will fade completely, just give it time and relaaaaax that’s the best thing you can do as well as getting out and doing stuff you enjoy to distract yourself. Tinnitus took 8 months of my life I wouldn’t want the same to happen for you especially knowing what I know now. Tell yourself if will go away every day despite everything (what people say, what your tinnitus sounds like, how long it’s been, statistics).
    8. Mikael

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      I have no idea
      Go see a doctor.
    9. joseph Ghass

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      This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard
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