Rock Music Fan 'Stabbed Himself to Death in Despair' After Tinnitus Made His Life Hell

Discussion in 'Support' started by inadmin, Jan 6, 2014.

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      On my bad days I can understand what this guy was going through. It is sad that doctor's and also other people don't often take tinnitus or tinnitus sufferers very seriously. Even people with migraine get treatment and sympathy and with tinnitus you're just told "Just live with it". This man should have received help from the beginning. It is very hard to wait 3 months for a specialist appointment when the tinnitus has just started and you can't sleep.
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      Well I can sympathize with him...the medical system in Estonia pretty much sucks. For example, for an appointment to an ENT or auditologist you have to wait at least 1,5 months -and that is a short time, because normally the cues are around 3-4 months. Also, some people with treatable cancer have to wait for months for an operation so eventually the cancer will become incurable. I too am going to a private auditologist - i am willing to pay good money to get help fast.
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