Serious Development, Please Help.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Rob caswell, Oct 8, 2016.

    1. Rob caswell

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      Most likely drumming/raves/headphones and hereditary
      Roaring ears, multi frequency pain and noises, different in either ear. Long term tinnitus sufferer but over the last two weeks has severely increased. Thoroughly enjoyed reading many of the posts. The light positive approaches people have taken to this problem has greatly cheered me up. But my tinnitus has taken a massive step up in the last couple of weeks, from a quiet single frequency in one ear to multiple frequencies in both ears that are very loud and seem to be getting louder. I am experiencing what i used to after a loud gig on the drums or if i had been to a rave for twelve hours...accept i haven't done either of those things for at least 5 years and it has lasted 9 days now. I bought some super duper over ear headphones and a headphone amp, and fell asleep with them on!!! Massive schoolboy error i Know, but i did not expect this reaction. Have done it before (stupidly, especially with my history) and not had a reaction like this. TBH I suspect it may have been the straw that broke the camel's back. Either way this is a serious implication for me as i am a musician and cant imagine life without music in the future. If anyone can simply share their experiences would be great. I am English so thankfully have a free health service...except the soonest appointment i could get was in two weeks time. My hearing seems to be getting worse, not better. I feel like when i went to see Motorhead when i was 21 and was deaf for 5 days after....except i don't think this is gonna shift and I haven't seen Motorhead for 12 years (and never will, R.I.P Lemmy). I am quite distressed right now and when i listen to stuff, or talk to people on the phone, the top end frequencies physically hurt my ears, i am hoping it isn't hyperacusis. Then I am screwed!!!
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    2. Hopeful1

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      Loud Music
      Dont know what to say........I dont know if steriods or HBO can help you now. Other forum members please clarify. you have any friends to offer comfort now? you have any hobbies to take your mind away?
    3. Alue
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      Acoustic Trauma
      Given your history of loud noise exposure it does sound like the straw that broke the camel's back. Protect your ears from here on out!

      I don't really have any other suggestions other than only time will tell if it is a permanent increase or a temporary one.
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      Noise / T worsened with antiobiotics
      See if you can in to see another doctor sooner. I don't know how the UK system works but in the US, I rarely have to wait more than a day or 2 to get in to see someone though I sometimes have to pay more if they're out of network. It seems like prednisone has worked well for some people here on this board and that may be worth asking about. I've taken supplements to help my ears such as magnesium and NAC.

      Going forward AVOID LOUD SOUNDS. I know that seems obvious, but I'm at a point now where I can't go to concerts and such even with ear plugs. I thought I could risk it from time to time with ear protection, but I now know the risk is no longer worth it as I know any ear damage is irreversible and cumulative. That said, most of the noise-induced spikes I've had since I first got T 10 years ago have died down with time.

      I do hope you are able to see a doctor soon and your T quiets down.
    5. Kazue

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      Prior to loud noise exposure, the hair cells get really sensitive. Everything, including voices, are louder than they usually are. Your ears may feel clogged as well. This is what happened to me when I first got T. It did eventually pass but it was horrible. I recommend not wearing earplugs because that will make it worse. I just put cotton in my ear and that helped. It doesn't block out sound but it decreases how loud something is slightly. Voices and running water wasn't as annoying. You'll be better in a few more weeks, hopefully. Just protect you ears during this time so they can heal. That process can take a long time. You should definitely take a break or your hearing won't be the same.
    6. Michael Leigh

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      @Rob caswell
      Hi Rob,
      If you want to improve your tinnitus then you are going to have to do some serious rethinking about your lifestyle. If you continue the way you are going then you’re going to blow something, which could put you in a lot of distress. Please believe me I know. I mean that with deep sincerity and it’s coming straight from the heart.

      In my opinion, you need to stop being around loud sounds. Start by not using headphones even at low volume. The drumming needs to stop and if you go to raves, which I don’t recommend for a while, then use noise-reducing earplugs.

      Whilst we have a good health service here in the UK, it cannot perform miracles and where necessary a person has to try and help themselves by doing the right thing, which you are not doing at the moment.

      Sorry to sound so sobering.
      All the best
    7. volsung37

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      Its usually pretty easy to get an emergency appointment with a GP if you think its serious enough. I got a couple as my tinnitus worsened a few months ago. However GPs really can't do much for our condition except refer us on to ENT or neurology.
    8. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi Rob,
      I know your having a tough time and you know the cause with the headphones.
      Try not to beat yourself up about it as the stress will add to it.
      Ask your doctor about prednisalone as might just help you and worth a shot.
      I hope your ears settle back down and I would put your headphones away as your ears really are not happy with them.
      I have two tones together and know it can be mental torture and find sound therapy through the night with white noise helpful played throughout the night with pillow speakers on really low to help distract my tinnitus and sleeping tablets as needed.
      You are apart of a fantastic forum and know you will get lots of support around the clock to help you.....lots of love glynis

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