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      My Anniversary is coming up this month - November 28. A year that day with t.

      One of those days when I am forced to ask myself 'is this as good as it gets?'

      Sure, I am back to working, sleeping without maskers, socialising a little, staying occupied....... life has changed.

      I don't want to be negative, but this is how I am feeling...flat!

      The people in my life with t aren't bothered by their t, so they don't get my level of distress......

      I feel alone in my experience with t today and just needed to tell someone.
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    2. Karen

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      Hi, Deb,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your first T anniversary. I certainly understand how you're feeling, and I'm sure there are others here who do, as well. It's good to get back to the routines of life again, but I agree that those of us with tinnitus are forever changed by the experience. It is all about the degree of severity of our tinnitus, or at least our perception of it, that has left us feeling like life is not the same. But I have faith that it can be again -- we just have to keep thinking positive, and putting one foot in front of the other.

      Please don't feel alone, and know that there are others out there who really do understand how you feel. Happy "bittersweet" T anniversary!!

      Best wishes,
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    3. jonathanvg
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      since i got T something is lost in myself aswell im really bothered about it anymore
      do i be carefull for it getting worse sure i am
      but i live my life i dont let my T let my life live
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    4. Gabrielle
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      Unknown, maybe bad syringing
      Hi Debby... kind of 'funny' everyone remember the day T started.....

      I can imagine you're saying your life has changed. It will never be the same, I quess.
      I am 6,5 month's in. Mine began on May 3th.

      Afther six month's I gave up hope for cure, and stopped searching for the cause.
      Those two things has given me a little 'peace'.

      But it's hard... never sleep again in silence. Never wake up again in silence....
      Always sssssssssssssh and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in my head.

      Although, i have one day in a week, that T is complete silence. Very strange.
      But i am happy with it, so i can 'hear' again what silence is.
      The next morning it's always back, and that's hard...

      But we have to go on... like you I also feel alone in T. Eventhough I've great family and partner.

      I am glad i discoverd this site. Then I know... i am not alone.
      So much people are suffering with T. I am not alone.

      And so are you Deb. We are all in the same boat.
      Feel us when you are feeling alone.
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    5. Larry OT
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      Volume, meds and motorcycles
      Gabrielle is right, we are not alone. Not here and not when we have these connections.

      I hope it's a better year for you Deb. For all of us!
      Don't let T own the day. Easier said than done, but I try and listen through the noise and focus on the other sounds around me.

      As for the noise, well that's just the solar winds I can hear with some special friends on TT.

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