Short-Term Muscle Relaxants: Diazepam Good for Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Coyotesheaven, Sep 22, 2016.

    1. Coyotesheaven

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      Acoustic Trauma/Vascular
      Every night when I fall asleep the tightness and the cramping in my neck, face, and TMJ just gets worse. I attribute it to the lyme infection and also for the fact that I have to, for other medical reasons, sleep on my back (which I never did before in my life). It has contributed significantly to my tinnitus and hearing problems.

      This morning I wake up and I cannot put my arms down at my side; my T spikes and my hearing goes. I cannot bend my neck too much to one side or the other because the same thing will also happen. My jaw is pulled so tight into the back of my throat that I cannot breathe well, and my teeth are digging into my cheeks. I can't smile, can barely talk. It's like I am experiencing rigor mortis from the neck up.

      This has just gotta stop. I am considering diazepam to double as my anxiety med for a short term. Any thoughts on efficacy? I know it does great things for tinnitus too when I have been temporarily placed on it before.
    2. just1morething

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      barotrauma, noise exposure, TMD? ETD?
      Probably worth trying as I heard it was one of the best muscle relaxers by a ER doc. I used to take diazepam pre-tinnitus for anxiety, but can't remember how addictive it was or if I had any withdrawal symptoms.
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    3. william adams

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      December 2015
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      one week after leg surgery plus hearing loss in higher freq.
      I was diagnosed with a fair amount of arthritis in my neck and my ostopath put me on 5 mg valium nightly to relax the muscles in my neck to reduce the pain. Works fairly well and sleep like a baby....
    4. Jkph75

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      It's a benzo and very addictive. It will help in the short term but make the long term worse. It's not worth it.
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    5. MikeP505

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      Punishment for being so darn good looking!

      Sorry to hear about tall the issues you described. That really is quite nasty. Hoping this will lessen and even disappear in time for you.

      I am completely deaf now in both ears and also suffer the loudest high pitched ringing you can fathom. This all has come on just in the past 4 years. Needless to say, it has been difficult and a complete life changer. I tried various drugs in the beginning for anxiety, sleep, even depression. All in all, nothing really lessens my issues. It simply works on other problems that arise from Tinnitus and even going deaf. The only medication I get now and use only when really bad is diazepam 5mg. This medication is highly addictive and you must be careful what you take. I get a prescription monthly for 30 tablets, and instructed to use 1 tablet every evening or when needed. I really use maybe 1 to 2 tablets per week and only on my real bad days. The rest I store for a later date as my GP may one day stop prescribing them.

      You may require more due to everything you suffer, however they wont cure anything. They simply calm you down some. Be careful how many you take and how long you stay on them regularly. Just be smart and informed on every medication you have prescribed to you. You do NOT want to add an addiction issue to the issues you now have.

      Get better my friend!!
    6. Anna V.

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      Do you need to worry about withdrawal including possible t spike with short term diazepam use anyone? And what would people consider a 'safe' short term - a week? A few months?

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