Should I Push for an MRI to Check for an Acoustic Neuroma?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ringeee, Sep 13, 2019.

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      Not Sure
      - 30, male.
      - I think it's only in one ear. It's hard for me to say because it is definitely louder in one ear.
      - I feel like I've had tinnitus for many years, but it never bothered me and I never realized I had tinnitus until this last year. I'm not sure if it actually got worse or is worse because I've acknowledged it.
      - Went to GP. Put me on a steroid and routine of Flonase. This did nothing.
      - GP didn't say or advise for any further course of action.
      - ENT removed wax. No change.
      - ENT said my hearing test came back fine.
      - ENT didn't say or advise for any further course of action.
      - Tinnitus gets worse when I move my head/jaw/neck.
      - Pretty bad jaw clamper, used to grind a lot, have very tight head/neck/jaw shoulder muscles.
      - Nothing seems to make my tinnitus any better. It is a constant high-pitch hiss.
      - Tinnitus gets much worse under stress/anxiety.

      Just today I read about acoustic neuromas and that unilateral (tinnitus in one ear) can be the cause of tinnitus. Of course, this has me worried. Not worried because ANs are usually benign, but moreso worried that if I have one the results of the surgery has a high risk of going deaf in one ear. Going deaf in one ear would fucking blow. It would fucking blow so hard.

      So, I guess I'm just wondering if you all think I should push for an MRI to be safe?

      Has anyone here had experience with acoustic neuromas?
    2. Selah1281

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      I’d push for testing. That way you won’t let the worry eat at you.

      Research MRI’s and sound protection on the board though first. What machines are louder etc.

      I pushed for testing and they ended up finding bilateral osteomas on a CT scan. Very rarely documented condition. Possibly the cause of my tinnitus. As you say hearing damage or deafness is a possibility of the surgery, but I’m seriously considering it. Moreso than being deaf in one ear, I’d be scared that it wasn’t the cause of the tinnitus and if I went deaf in that ear the tinnitus wouldn’t go away and treatments like bimodal stimulation would be out of the question at that point so I’d be stuck with it for life.
    3. Luman

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      Intermittent Tinnitus probably noise induced
      A doctor would be the best person to ask. In 2017, I went to see a very good ENT surgeon who worked for the tinnitus dept. of a major Manhattan hospital, mostly to speak about possible actions to take. He told me that he had tinnitus, himself, and had no luck in finding any remedies. He didn't think it would be worth having an MRI, but told me that he'd write one up, if I wanted. I declined, due to the fact that the vast majority of the time, absolutely nothing shows up on an MRI to indicate the cause of tinnitus.
    4. Michael Leigh

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      My advice to you is to be polite and cordial whenever dealing with your GP or ENT doctor, providing they are treating you with the same amount of respect. A pushy, bolshy arrogant attitude and demanding things, will only rub people up the wrong way, and in the long run you will make life more difficult for yourself. You have been tested at ENT. If you have been referred back to your GP and the tinnitus is still giving problems then mention it to your doctor, who will probably think it necessary, that further tests need to be carried out and refer you back to ENT.

      It is up to your healthcare professionals to suggest tests and diagnose your symptoms not you. There is nothing worst (I believe) than telling doctors their job, especially as you are the one that needs help. Try to stop reading up on health conditions as it often causes more harm than good. There are people in this forum that will tell you to push for this and ask for that, this type of behaviour and conduct is uncalled for and wrong. Keep going back to your doctor, and explain that you are distressed by the tinnitus and politely ask if something can be done to help you. More often than not you will be treated a lot better. You may need to be referred to Audiology to see a Hearing Therapist or Audiologist that specialises in the treatment and management of tinnitus and hyperacusis, if ENT find there is no underlying medical condition causing the tinnitus.

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    5. GregCA

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      It seems like a reasonable request. I would do it, if anything, to get peace of mind.
    6. Bill Bauer
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      Acoustic Trauma
      Keep in mind that a number of people on Tinnitus Talk got tinnitus as a result of having an MRI done. At least one person's tinnitus hasn't faded at a all since the onset over 2 years ago.

      If you get an MRI scan, there is a small chance that it will identify an acoustic neuroma, and also a chance that your tinnitus will get worse/louder. It is a tough call...
    7. boliston
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      Acoustic Neuroma is a pretty rare condition, something like 1 in 100,000 people per year - it often causes hearing loss in one ear and vertigo symptoms. I sometimes worry about it as my tinnitus is worse in my left ear. I'm not sure if having a 'dominant ear' can affect tinnitus - I have always used my right ear for answering a phone as speech has always seemed a bit clearer in my right ear. It's something to do with the fact that the left side of the brain processes speech better which is 'fed' by the right ear.
    8. oceanofsound26

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      Still not sure. TMJ & Neck Problems most likely.
      Agree with those above, but if you get an MRI ask for an MRA and MRV at same time and get the maximum potential return for the time spent in that loud machine.

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