Sick and Tinnitus Louder — Will It Return Back to Baseline?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Brandon1994, Mar 23, 2019.

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      We'll I've been really sick for a couple days it started with a sore throat that eventually got worse to me almost losing my voice for a day that has almost gone away. Now I have a killer headache and I'm dizzy, sometimes coughing up mucus, nasty I know.

      Anyway my tinnitus has gotten louder since I've been sick and I'm hoping it will go back to the slightly annoying baseline it once was.

      Anyone have any similar issues when they get sick. Also for one day when I was sick my tinnitus was really low almost lower then I previously remember I not sure what would cause this.
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      Oddly enough I posted a similar question... my tinnitus took a back seat and acted weird but some sounds also went which came back when the virus started to clear.

      If it's a cold type thing then according to the ENT person I saw on Monday it can amplify your tinnitus, especially if you're a bit blocked and mucusy.
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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      Being sick can possibly put stress on the immune system and the body. When your body is working overtime to get and feel better, the tinnitus can spike. This is a natural thing and eventually when you feel better, the ringing can hopefully get better as well.

      The key is to get better and recover from the sickness. being sick can also annoy the ears and cause the ears to possibly clog up and feel fuller. From my experience the ears take a little bit longer to get better. Just hang in there and have some chicken soup :)

      After having colds, my tinnitus did return to baseline. Most of the time our tinnitus will return to baseline unless there is a trauma that has caused our tinnitus to get louder. Sound/physical traumas. Meds can also at times possibly cause the ringing to get louder.....

      Hope you feel better :)
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