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      Hi, my tinnitus started almost two weeks ago right when my infection started. Hoping its temporary, my doctor said my sinuses are really swollen and gave me a steroid shot along with antibiotics. There are times when it's quiet and I think it's gone until I hold my ears. I have three kids and don't want to live with this.
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      Welcome to the forum. Living with tinnitus, we need every oz of positivity to fight the negative emotions which are toxic to T. Since your T is very new and you already have days you can't hear T, that is something positive. When your sinus infection or congestion is over, your T may just fade. Even if it doesn't, people learn to habituate to it. Even people with worse cases of T and even severe H will get better. I was in a mess a few years back with ultra high pitch T and severe hyperacuis. I had panic attacks daily, even hourly from them. I was in a mess. But now I live a normal, productive and absolutely enjoyable life. Give it some time. Read the success stories to see if they will help you or calm you. You can check out my success story here. God bless.

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