Sound and Sensation of Water Running Though a Pipe When Going from Lying Down to Standing Up

Discussion in 'Support' started by makeyourownluck, Nov 21, 2021.

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      Hi Guys,

      I’ve had pulsatile tinnitus for about 4 months and would like to see if anyone shares similar symptoms and has received a diagnosis. I am in the UK and the waiting lists are absolutely terrible at the moment.

      When I wake up in the morning I have minimal pulsatile tinnitus until I stand/sit up and get the sensation of water draining through a pipe. It does not start straight away maybe after 10-20 seconds and lasts for about 30-60 seconds. After this noise/sensation I am left with a feeling of fullness that increases as the day goes on. I also have a ‘whoosh whoosh’ throughout the day which is made worse by bending over, and any physical activity where I have to strain such as picking up my daughter etc.

      This sensation only affects my right ear. I had a period of having very low blood pressure and fainting episodes, and the pulsatile tinnitus started during this period after I rushed out of bed to get to a doctor’s appointment about my regular tinnitus (the irony!).

      I have a borderline overactive thyroid but my doctor isn’t keen to treat it just yet.

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