Spike/Anxiety Feels Like I'm Back to Square One

Discussion in 'Support' started by Andersson, Dec 12, 2015.

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      I had tinnitus since 2012. Noise/stress induced probably. It took me ovet a year before i learned to live with it.
      I had bad daya the last 3 years ofc but for the most i could handle it fine.
      It went from could hear it over anything with oversensitive to sounds and some sounds was distorted to i could forget it most times and sound distortion and sensitivity went away.

      I had a bad flu in october ago that left me with fluid behind the drums. It went away though.
      1 week after the flu i woke up with a shot back. Took me 2 days before it felt ok again.
      Some days after that my t increased.

      I been struggling with that the last 5 weeks.
      I had problems with depression before i got t. And during.
      But in the last 2 years or so t was not the culprit in depression i had.

      Now however i want to blame it for how i feel. I hqve gotten panic attacks, and general anxiety is very high.

      The worst part is my oversensitvity to sounds and distortion came back few weeks ago. Then went away a bit when i felt very slightly better. Then i ceashed down again this monday and oversensitivity and distortion came back the day after and still here.

      I know my ent said that oversensitivity and distortion is linked to my anxiety. When i am in panic mode my brain cannot filter sounds like it normally does.

      It is just so scary.
      I know i went through all this one time. That is what gives me hope i will be able to learn to handle it again and that sensitivity and distortion will go away like it have when i can handle it/myself better.

      The thing is that it triggered my depression again and now i am not sure wich is wich. Its easy to blame t. But i think my general depression triggers the noise even more.

      My ent checked my hearing and it has gotten better compared to 2012.

      They want me to try fluoxetine. I had it before for my depression and i might try it again. Since i gave depression tendencies even before t.
      I feel i need something to help me up because i have zero strength to handle it.

      I just feel so powerless. It feels like i cannot learn to live with it. Even when i already learned it once.
      It feels worse now then when i got it. But i dont think it is. Because i think i forgot how much i suffered back then.

      It feels so frustrating when i cannot do anything to take my mind of it. I did not think of it last years when i played games, watched tv etc. It was there but i did not hear it unless i focused on it.
      The first year it overpowered everything like it does now again.

      Long ramble that people might not read but i felt to write my feelings :(

      I am seeing a therapist, doctor, physical therapist for my neck that gotten stiff since the increase because i tense up.
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      Hi Anderrson,
      Tinnitus sadly comes with lots of unwanted emotions and can be overwhelming at times and so easy to fall in to a low mood/depression.
      Neck problems can cause tinnitus and spike it so I would mention it to your physiotherapist next time you go.
      Glad to hear your seeing a therapist too as talking therapy will help with anxiety and low moods and with antidepressants it targets the chemicals in the brain and help understand more about feelings with the counselling .
      You did really well get through it before and you will do again.
      We are all here to help and support you and between us all the support is round the clock.
      Try stay relaxed as much as you can and off load any stress you can and make sure you are getting enough sleep......lots of love glynis
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      Thank you glynis for the support.
      I will keep fighting even if it feels hopeless right now.

      I thought it started to get better slightly when the sensitivity to sound and distortion started to go away but my anxiety took over when i got home alone. I spent a week at my mothers before that. And when i got home my anxiety exploded again and it came back.

      I trust my ent when she said this is only linked to my anxiety and explained how the brain works with sorting sounds etc. She had tinnitus for many years so i feel i trust her.

      Thank you again. I know i am not alone and i managed to beat it once. I will do my best to do it again.

      Lots of love.
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    4. Fernando81

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      anxiety - stress
      Hello Andersson, i am sorry to hear that you are going through a relapse.
      I have anxiety issues also, they make T a very hard thing to deal with. I have tendencies to obsses with noises, tap my ears constantly, look for sounds, replie them in my mind - sort of speak -. I am on fluoxetine, 20 mg every day since october. It has helped me. I do therapy, take walks every day and try to distract my mind. Sometimes, it is not easy to do. I have good and bad days. In my case, the worst thing, even than T is anxiety. Have an appointment with a dr psych, to give you a hand with that. Avoid excesive alcohol intake, smoking and estimulants such as coffee or tea. God bless you.
      I will share with you the link of a very relaxing song. It helps me a lot.
      Marconi Union - Weightless (Official 10 Hour...

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