St John's Wort for Depression

Discussion in 'Support' started by mikeinOz, Oct 31, 2016.

    1. mikeinOz

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      2003 (spike in 2016 after ear infection)
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      Hey everyone,

      I've had my pretty mild T for 13 years now, habituated several times, often when I'm stressed or anxious i will 'unhabituate', and then start 'the loop' of obsessing and listening for it and it getting louder etc. This time it was triggered by a severe sinus infection with fluid behind my ears which gave me a 10x boost in my usual tone. That has mostly gone now but the noise level is amplified. It may go back down, it may not. However I think most of the increased volume is due to my anxiety/stress/worry over the noise and I think I'm getting depressed.

      At each of my previous episodes, I've always had to go on SSRI medication to treat the depression and then slowly the tinnitus fades into the background once I'm no longer obsessing over it (surprise!).
      However this time I'm a little paranoid about going back on Citalopram as obviously an increase in tinnitus is a rare side effect.

      Since I'd rather not battle with my brain any more than I currently am, I was wondering if people had taken St John's Wort ?

      I've read it should not increase tinnitus. I'm not wondering if it reduced the tinnitus, but rather did people find it helped their depression and most importantly didn't spike your tinnitus? I need to break this cycle as my volume won't go down until I do!

    2. DebInAustralia

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      I've read good things on this forum about 5-HTP... don't know much about St John's Wort
    3. Michael Leigh

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      April /1996
      I have been taking St John's Wort for many years and it doesn't increase tinnitus. It takes about 3 months to fully build up in the body. It can be a very good alternative to prescription antidepressant.
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    4. undecided

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      I've read up some studies and it's about as effective as your typical SSRI for mild to moderate depression.
      There isn't much data on T and St John's Wort so that's a good thing I suppose.
    5. AuntSally

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      June 2016
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      Not sure
      Does anyone take St John's Wort? I am thinking of trying this for a while. I hear it can be an effective mood enhancer and is very safe.

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