Staying Home to Recover from Reactive Tinnitus — Not Sure If I’m Doing the Right Thing

Discussion in 'Support' started by starrynights, Oct 10, 2020.

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      Listening to music too loud; concerts with no protection.
      It's been practically a month since my spike and since then I have been doing my best to rest and stay at home. I want to know how much longer I should stay at home so that my ears can recover much better? Every time I go outside even if it's briefly to go to the nearby supermarket my tinnitus spikes despite wearing some form of hearing protection. There are also frequent and constant loud noises where I live so for the mean time I am just going to continue to stay home. To put it into perspective, it is not uncommon to hear 2-3 ambulances every hour or so, it's a very loud city. Every time I go out even with earplugs I find that I put myself at risk of worsening my tinnitus.

      How long should I expect to wait to recover from reactive tinnitus? It's so hard to live like this, I have had to halt my entire life and feel like a burden to my family. I know there is no quick solution to this but I just want to know if I am doing the right thing by staying home all the time. I don’t know if just completely stopping my life is doing me any well either since my tinnitus is what occupies my mind for most of the day.

      I’m really hoping that the reactiveness goes away, I feel that it will ultimately keep giving me spikes until it leads to a permanent one.
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      A series of unfortunate events
      Wondering the same. My ears feel super fragile and right now staying home makes sense to me to let them rest. I’m also not someone who believes that being overly cautious makes you more sensitive. I look at it this way, a calm environment won’t make me worse, but a loud one will certainly cause spikes, so the choice is obvious to me.

      I think while COVID-19 is happening and life has slowed down a bit, we have an opportunity to take things easy and should take advantage of it!
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