Strange Hearing Distortion/Dysacusis?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Nathan McAlum, Jun 7, 2019.

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      Hello @Hammers.
      I now mostly hear the whistling from distant and/or loud vibrating sounds. When I am inside the car and hear the traffic, what I hear is a siren played on post-apocalyptic films. :)
      Some low vibrating sounds "sound" like water running from pipes. Crazy indeed.
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      Hey there, what you described with the frequency distortion is basically exactly what I have! I did a frequency sweep and there’s a substantial amount of damage around 1k-1.5k hz. And some sort of buzzing that attaches itself to low frequencies (130-200 hz). What’s odd is if I turn up the tone more loudly the distortion disappears and it becomes normal again. Which makes me think synaptic damage.

      Did things ever get better for you? A lot of music I’ve now come to realize sounds completely distorted and wrong as a result, and it’s completely destroyed me. Other songs completely normal which is I’m assuming because the tones in those songs remained undamaged.

      I’m one month in and there’s been no improvement.

      Also the ocean, traffic, and road noise inside the car has kind of this white noise layer on top of them. Im not sure if this is just distortion or hyperacusis because it makes everything sound so loud to my ears. I can’t stand the heater now because it’s like walking next to a lawn mower - it really does sound that much louder. Or maybe the distorted frequencies are causing this extra sound layer to appear?

      And then there’s my 2 reactive tones (the low siren sound and the high pitched whistle that like to respond to pretty much everything)...god my ears are a mess.
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      I think have similar symptoms. My one ear responds to high pitched sounds with a reactive whistle/ring. I do ok in a quiet room. Unfortunately, the world is a noisy place. If anyone has any treatment or coping ideas it would be appreciated.
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      I have the same thing going on. It seems to be highly related to hyperacusis as I noticed them at the same time. There was a period of 2-3 days 3 weeks ago when both seemed much better (I seemed much less sensitive to everyday sounds and I was noticing the sound distortion much less). But then I had an Audiologist appointment I had scheduled a while back. She did an LDL test and she let things get too loud. I would say it's uncomfortable and she would still raise the volume. Both the H and this sound distortion and reactive T instantly got worse and continued to get worse over a period of a week. I have gotten a bit better since then, but not much. Currently, I think I have a cold coming on, which is not helping so I think I will have to wait for this cold to pass before I start to improve again. It's all very weird, but yeah mine seems very much related to hyperacusis.

      One thing that is weird. I also have had this whistling sound in my ear(s) that others have described. It actually started in my right ear. Then moved to my left, then was in both ears for a while, now it is mostly just in my left. I notice it the most when lying in bed. And it seems to react to external sound. At one point even the very low volume of my girlfriend breathing would make it react.

      I also have electric/scary sounding morse code sound in my left ear. I only hear it later in the day though and do not hear it in the morning. Back when I only had normal T I had a high pitched hiss in both ears that wasn't too bad and a morse code beeping in my left that I could always hear if I covered my ears but would only be able to hear uncovered when I was having a bad spike (90% of all my spikes were always from some sort of noise exposure). I do not have that morse code tone anymore. either that or it has evolved into this scary electric sound.

      My original T is from getting my teeth cleaned for first time using via the ultrasonic scaler 9 months ago. And this H, reactive T, and sound distortion seems to originate to getting my teeth cleaned a second time via ultrasonic scaler. I did not realize after the first time that the scaler was the problem. I play, well used to play :'(, in a band so everyone attributed my T to the music. I'm sure being a musician made me more vulnerable, but I'm 99% sure the dentist/hygienist are to blame.

      Also, I noticed when I take Ativan (not often, like twice a week at lowest dose) the symptoms of H and noise distortion are reduced by like 70%. I also take seroquel at night for sleep because when this new H sound distortion reactive T stuff started, my sleep went to complete shit.

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