Studying With Earplugs?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Stink, Mar 14, 2015.


Are you able to study with earplugs on?

  1. No, tinnitus is too loud

  2. Yes I can study with earplugs on

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    1. Stink

      Stink Member

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      How you study with earplugs in a school library? I can't! T is too loud
    2. walkthroughwalls

      walkthroughwalls Member

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      I can't either. Is there an option to study anywhere else?

      I always try to find a place to study where it's a little bit noisy. A computer lab, cafeteria... or even an empty bench in a hallway. It's about that balance: enough noise to cover up the T, but not that much that it becomes a distraction.

      My favorite place to study still is my room, though.
    3. s-viv

      s-viv Member

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      It's annoying, I agree. I had to study in the coffee shop area, it had some foot traffic and a little noise which was good at masking the tinnitus, but not enough to distract me.
      I am pretty good at tunning mine out, so I didn't have much of a problem even when I did notice it on the quite part of the library floors.
    4. Telis

      Telis Member Hall of Fame

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      Drugs barotrauma
      This is why I'm finding it hard to habituate, the T screams with ear plugs in, even cotton. I don't know maybe noise canceling headphones would be better.
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