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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by alli123456, Apr 1, 2016.

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      Dont know
      Hello fellows,

      I got Tinnitus first at maj 2015. In the beginning I had a psychical meltdown and went on and off hospitals with some medication. I was a wreck.

      I didn´t want to post this success story here because I didn´t was in the mood to do so. I just don´t think my tinnitus is worth telling about. Why sould I? Today I remembered myself in the beginning when I was feeling bad and watched this site to get answer/better. I got energy from this site, so I desided to give energy back.

      First I can tell you I have had tinnitus 3 times in my life. First time I got to much wax in my ear, so I developed tinnitus thats went away. First I felt bad, but after some months it lessends and after maybe 3-4months it was gone.

      Second time i got it from a very stressful life back in 2010. But what realesed my tinnitus was a renovation project with load sounds. I wore protection, but i forgot wear it once. So i felt dispair, but with time i forgot about it more and more, and it lessens. It went away within 6-8months.

      This time I had it since almost one year. But the sound has lessens and are not so intrusive. Some day I have setbacks. But overall i´m fine. I got my new tinnitus from a super stressful and anixety period of my life. I did went to consert without earplug. Maybe this caused my tinnitus, maybe not. I got my tinnitus 2 days after consert. I had a number of body issue before tinnitus set off. All of these issues has backed of.

      My opinion is that tinnitus is NOT permanent. The doctors say so because they dont know about the condition. Mark my words, DOCTORS DONT KNOW ABOUT TINNITUS! I can recommend to watch julian cowen hill on youtube. He gives good tips about what you can do to heal your body.

      What did I do?

      - Went to psycoterapist to talk about my family-issue
      - I do go to Yoga and stress-courses to find inner peace.
      - I changed my carrier. From salesman/broker to someting more 9-17 job, that i like to do.
      - You have to find inner peace
      - I will get a splint cause of my body tension.
      - Stress making you get tension in your body, which give you health-issuse. Tinnitus is one of them.
      - Try to only read the SUCCESS STORIES and also be critical to sources. Even with the success stories you can read about doom and gloom, like "there is nothing to do, dont search for answer".
      You should search for answer and educate yourself about tinnitus. Just dont search like a obsess person looking for cure. You will not find a cure, cause there is non. But you will find ways and strategies to get better. And with time switch your fight and flight mode off. Perhaps also the tinnitus.

      I do think that people that get stuck with tinnitus dont search for the reason or answer. Maybe they are not bothered about it and maybe they are just to stubborn to change their lifestyle.
      I have 2 friends with tinnitus but I know why. They go to loud consert often, with no protection. They eat mcshit everyday, do not exercise and so on.

      If you do your best to take care of your body. Tinnitus will fade, backoff, subside with time. Even if it doesn´t disapear for good, you will have the sound so low that you really must consentrate to hear it.

      It is not a easy journey. It is the tuffest in your life. But you will get better! Force yourself to live your life as before and do relax, so your body get its time to heal.

      May the force be with you

      I do have another success stories. My dentist helper had tinnitus for 3 years and it went away.
      My girlfriends mother also had it for about 6-12 months and it went away.
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    2. Zora
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      1st time: Megaphone ;2nd time: headphones too loud
      @alli123456 thank you for your story. I agree :) most Tinnitus cases DO resolve or they will habituate. but on the internet u read a lot of negativity because obviously that when people post. I am also optimistic atm.
      LOL "mcshit" :D
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    3. another sean

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      Long duration of low audio
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    4. Poyraz

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      February 2016
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      Benzos, Stress, Anxiety, Loud Music, Jaw Problems. Who knows
      Man, thank you is the only sentence that I can say.
    5. trocobob

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      Maybe stress ?
      @alli123456 did you took any medicaments / supliments ? or do you leave it to time to heal ?

      The mine was caused by Ear wax / Stress from 1/2016 ... sometime I dont notice it and sometime it is loud .
      The doctors prescribed me some drugs and supplements in the 2nd visits and I refused to take it .( I dont like medicaments)
    6. AUTHOR

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      Dont know
      Hello trocobob. Hope you are fine.

      I do both. Time is your friend. I took Mirtazapin (think it called remerov or something in US) and a sertralin medication. When it come to medication i strongly recommend everybody that have that option in mind to discuss this with your doctor.

      There are studies (one is swedish) that show antidepressant medicin can help your tinnitus, but no research why.
      But I think I know why it helps...

      First of all the medicin make you cope better with your tinnitus, you get help with something called habituation. When your negativ respond to the sound lessens, then you will see the loudness will lessen. When it lessen, then you start to forget about it, then you start to feel better, and then your negativ respond will lessen, and so on. You will break your negativ trend and your fight and flight mode will switch off.

      You will get energy so that you can live your life as normal. You dont want to isolate youself. But I think medication is a temporary solution. You have to deal with the underlying cause.

      Second it is also a muscle relaxing medicin. So this helps your body to relax.

      I don´t like to take medication either, but sometimes if you dont have the power yourself, it helps you brake a negative trend.

      If you have moments when you dont notice it, then you are on the right path. Dont hesitate, because time is your friend. You will read about, "oh you only had it for 5months, then it could go away". This is useless information, because it bring you false hope. Because you will count days in a month like there where minutes. Like now I guess you already marked my word 5months, when it should be 3months?

      Just try to relax, and examine what is wrong with your life, that maybe can cause this? Is it your economic situation, is it your job, is it your wife, are you a heavy person? Whatever. As long as you dont do anything about the underlying cause, then it is hard to get to a relaxed statement.

      Even if your tinnitus will go away, there is a big chance for it to come back if you still walk the same path you always have done.
    7. Purple Parrot

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      12/2015 - 3/2016
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      Multiple: anxiety, childhood ear infections, loud music

      I'm so glad to hear the tinnitus has improved for you. I'm another follower of Julian Cowan Hill on YouTube and have followed his suggestions to great success. His books are fantastic and I would thoroughly recommend them to others.

      I think it's hard to make generalisations about tinnitus generally, as everyone experiences it differently. For me personally, following Julian's advice made my tinnitus back down substantially. It does come back from time to time, but most of the time it doesn't present an issue to me.

      Before it went away, I reached a point of relaxation where I felt like habituation was possible. So I think Julian's advice can help with habituation and actually bringing down the volume.

      All the best.
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    8. trocobob

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      Maybe stress ?
      Thanks @alli123456 for your explanation and suggestion.
      Yes , I have phobia from medicament especially the side effects . the doctor prescribed me : Nootropyl 800 / Sulpidal 50mg and Zenmag .
      However the funny part .. is that i went to the doctor to tell him that Im ok , and I got better after 2 months.
      However he told me that time will not heal it alone .and not always Time is a cure.
      He told me that T will influence on the blood pressure , he asked me if I smoke (I dont smoke) , then he prescribed me the medicament above.

      When I noticed this , I fall in depression so it caused my T to returns to its initial status .

      As you said Time a good friend and we should take medicament to help . however Im afraid to be habituated to medicament and drugs.

      Thank you again
    9. Nonna

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      I promise u troco, if you do not want to be addicted to drugs, it will be very easy for you to come off them.
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