Sudden Pressure Change/Deafness Like Feeling in Ear, with Increased Tinnitus? Is This SSHL?

Discussion in 'Support' started by shasta0863, Sep 23, 2021.

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      I'm in a bit of a panic, as I'm having some type of ear event on the left side that I thought I've had in the past, but on a minor scale.

      All of a sudden tonight, my left ear just changed. It felt like a bit of pressure and deafness. Sound does not sound the same in the ear, and it's very obvious. And any noise going into the left ear gives me an odd pressure type feeling and an increase in my baseline tinnitus. The normal tinnitus is also louder, almost as if I had an earplug in.

      It's been many hours and I'm in a bit of a panic unfortunately. I know for sure I've had this feeling before, on a minor scale, but it was so intense tonight and as it is still lasting 6 hours later, I'm a bit worried now and my mind is going doomsday as if this is SSHL.

      Has anyone had something similar just out of the blue? Any ideas on the mechanism of what causes it?
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      Probably noise exposure, but unknown.
      If you are experiencing a sudden loss in hearing Iā€™d suggest going to the emergency ENT, there should be one at your local hospital, and taking a course of Prednisone. Do not delay on this as under 48 hours is supposed to be the sweet spot. Best of luck.
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