Surgery, IV Antibiotics (Cefoxitin) & Tinnitus — Can the Tinnitus Get Worse?

Discussion in 'Support' started by racerfish, Jul 25, 2021.

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      I was wondering if people have had their tinnitus increase after surgery?

      I'm worried about the antibiotics they want to give which are different from ones that are taken orally since they are delivered via IV and hit you much more quickly and in a much larger one-time dose. They've told me that ultimately the decision is up to me but said that they strongly recommend them.

      The antibiotic they want to administer is Cefoxitin which is a cephalosporin.
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      According to the doctor in this article, the antibiotic you've named is one of the least ototoxic antibiotics one can be issued.

      Apparently the rule of thumb when it comes to ototoxic antibiotics, is that they can be safely consumed when taken orally; however an OA taken intravenously is a BIG no no, and will likely result in great harm to a person who already suffers with tinnitus. (Remember reading something to this effect in a thread answered by Dr. Nagler.)

      So to conclude, in my unprofessional opinion, this option sounds perfectly safe, and I don't think it should do you any harm.

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