Symptoms with Tinnitus — Inside a Cold Room

Discussion in 'Support' started by Uri38, Sep 16, 2015.

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      Its been 5 months since one day i woke up in the middle of the night with a buzz on both ears similar to like when you get a tingling in your legs/hands/arms. Recently, last 2-3 weeks, the T has gone done and last week I went 5 days with no T but came back and when it came back I noticed a few symptoms that were there before but didn't pay attention.

      - Ear aches, on both sides but not at the same time
      - Deep ear itches that at times seem to radiate down to the throat/neck area
      - Went inside a wine cellar where the temp was 13C/53F and when I talked my ears would hurt if I moved my vocal cords without talking they would hurt as well, this seemed stranged because prior to T this never happened.
      - Neck pain/discomfort in the back at base of skull that would move/radiate up

      Any one else notice these symptoms? I'm especially curious about the cold cellar and simply talking or moving my vocal cords (like to hum) that would cause ear discomfort/pain.
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      Hi uri38,
      You might have a ear infection that can give you the symptoms.
      The feeling in your ears and throat could also be due to an allergies like a itchy ,scratchy feeling deep in your ears and throat .
      The cold can also trigger tinnitus so my advice would be get your doctor check your ears and keep him in the loop with what your ears are doing.....lots of love glynis

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