Taking Amoxicillin and Allegra for Hyperacusis and Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rameek, Apr 21, 2012.

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      Hello i have had bought an ear cleaning kit for my ears a few weeks ago i did not find it useful so i went to the emergency room. the doctor cleaned out all the wax after this going home i noticed everything in my ear was high pitched and i also noticed hissing in my ear.Going to the ENT they gave me amoxicillin and allegra. i have been taking them for a few days but no luck why is this happening to me.My other issue is that when i go outside and hear noise i panic cuase its hard to focus so i constantly hear this type of alarm in my head and cant stop thinking about it. i think about my tinnitus to much and watch it. i would like to know why this is going on in my head i know i may have tinnitus but how do i get other sounds out of my head when im outside this also happens in school when i am in the hallways and there is noise i start to hear an alarm sound in my head. please help this is very nerve bending. please and thanks
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      Hey Rameek, welcome aboard.

      You posted this same message four times on different parts of this forum, I removed the other duplicate messages. One is enough, so not to saturate the forum with duplicates.

      It's good you soon went to see the ENT. If the ENT gave you antibiotics, maybe he noticed something in your ear? Give the antibiotics and natural healing more time.

      I feel your pain, I got tinnitus the same way you did.

      But your tinnitus is so recent that it's very much possible it'll go away on its own. When it's this recent, you aren't yet habituated to it, so it understandably drives you mad and anxious. Try to relax. Try not to think of it as enemy, although I know that is hard for you at this point. When going to bed or in quiet surroundings, have some nice music on the background. Ambient sounds. Some people like nature sounds.

      Hang in there though, most if not all of the active posters here have chronic tinnitus, and we've somehow managed to live with this condition. I'm hopeful yours will resolve in due time.
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      Gosh, I know how you feel. Very scarey.

      Get some relaxants from your doctor until to adapt to the experience. Maybe Ativan/Lorazapam can help you adjust.

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