Taking Anxiety and SSRI Meds Until Habituation... Good or Bad?

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      Dr. Hubbard,

      I've had tinnitus right ear subjective due to hearing lose around 6700 Hz tested Sept. 15th 2014 Shea clinic Memphis TN.

      I've been through I believe to be the toughest stage of panic attacks, anxiety and I have gone to a psychiatrist who prescribed klonopin and tried to put me on a ssri but I decided to ween off the ssri after just 2 weeks and after 5 weeks of about .75 mg of klonipin. I'm down to taking .25mg to .125mg a day.

      My question is do you think I'm doing the right thing. Won't I habituate faster off the meds. I am also eating serotonin rich foods zinc vit B supplements etc. I am taking melatonin 3 mg. What is your thought on melatonin and the sustained release version?

      Thank you,
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      Hey Mike
      i'm not an MD and can't really address the neurochemistry, however, i will share with you that i only recommend SSRI and benzodiazapines (like Klonopin) when the anxiety and panic are so overwhelming that the person cannot focus on CBT like strategies. These include keeping your thinking reasonable, hopeful, effective, being able to (at least at times) hear the tinnitus without becoming emotionally overwhelmed, and redirecting your behavior toward meaningful, valuable activities. If you are able to do these things, then, in my opinion, you don't need psychiatric medication.
      all the best
      Dr Hubbard
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